Tuesday, 27 March 2012

London - What I wore

I've decided to do a separate post about my outfits as I was really pleased with my London wardrobe this time and tried some more adventurous (for me) looks!

En route to London last weekend I wore my new Leopard print boots with actual skinny jeans!  I'd had my eye on a burgundy pair and after trying some on in Oasis decided I was absolutely not ready for such items but after being food for the last few weeks I tried on a pair in next and found they actually looked good (helped by the high stretch in the fabric!)  I really liked them paired up with the boots (and with my new print blazer as well - just not together) and was really pleased with how it looked!  Although I need to work on my pose - trying to show the side of the boot has made me look awkward and made my feet look even bigger than normal (size 7)!

I painted my nails in Illamasqua - Vice.  My Mac is from Ben Di Lisi at Principles last year.  The black jersey blazer is from Miss Selfridge and the black cowl top is from Dorothy Perkins (ancient).

On Saturday morning I wore a maxi skirt I'd had made out of some amazing green and black tribal fabric from Malaysia with my flip flops (£5 from a market in France) and a black Topshop vest.  Sadly I don't have any pictures of this as we were so busy looking round the amazing Indian shops I forgot!

I got changed for the Florence Finds Tea Party and wore this amazing Debenhams dress which looks much better in real life as the yellow flowers are actually more olive/lime green!!  It is also super flattering!

Red Herring Special Edition Floral Dress - £45
On Sunday I wore the skinny jeans again but with patent low wedge shoes from Clarks (same as this link but patent leather and they're extremely comfy) and my leopard print blazer and another ancient black vest (Miss Sixty).

And just for good measure - here's Gemma in my grey dress from Planet with my black Hush Puppy flats and her own cream blazer (taken in a very cute lane with an amazing amount of green shop frontage!)  :)

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Lynky said...

Well it all sounds wonderful but really difficult to tell from the photos - please take your camera next time!! Definitely looking slimmer though, keep up the good work. Love you.

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