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I've been involved in a few collaborations now and receive quite a lot of requests to share things on the blog, so I've made a press pack which you can request by emailing me.  I am "PR friendly" as the saying goes, I'm happy to discuss anything but if I don't think your brand fits with my blog or isn't something I'm interested in, I will politely decline.  I tend not to just post press releases, I like to engage with a product/establishment and write from my personal viewpoint.

I always write honest reviews, if I don't like the product, I won't write about it.  I share things I love on my blog and enjoy helping to promote businesses I like, especially if you're small and/or local.  I believe in transparency in order to give my readers confidence, therefore will always mention when I have received discounted or free products.

I also love food and eating out so if you'd like to invite us to review your establishment, please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

All photos are my own unless otherwise specified.

I have received quite a few emails now asking to advertise or post things on my blog.  I do not accept paid articles written by others and will only respond to things which fit in with what I and my readers are interested in.  I may decide to include some relevant advertising on my site in the future as I do spend a lot of time and effort editing photos and writing my posts.  I do this because I enjoy it but a little income may help to soothe my husband's despair at the amount of time I spend on my laptop!

I will accept posts from guest writers from time to time if they write about something I think my followers would enjoy.

Brands and businesses I have worked with in the past include:

Country Lifestyle Fairs: Luxury Gift Fair in Uckfield

Home-made Mummy's Meals: Toddler meal review

Tullie Inn: Relaunch review

Earth Conscious: Reusable Breast Pads review

Various publishers via Netgalley: The Fire Child - Book review

Reviews in East Sussex & Kent:

Reviews elsewhere:

Other product reviews:

Previous Giveaways:

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