Tuesday, 12 February 2013

#ODCC - the 1st Olive Dragonfly Craft Club meeting

The first meeting was a huge success!  There were 6 of us in the end as some sadly had to drop out.  It was mainly due to the fact some people couldn't make it despite being interested in coming that inspired me to make this a regular event.  I think it would be nice to meet up every couple of months or so.  Not so often that you all get fed up (especially with my constant excited tweets!) but often enough that we have something to look forward to  :)

When everyone arrived (RozLaraSarahLynsey and Lauren), we had a few nibbles as I had made Oaties and a few people brought some form of chocolate based item and Percy Pigs!  I only realised today that we completely forgot about the cocktails aspect of what started out as a craft and cocktails idea, oops!  We were all too busy munching and getting on with the bracelets!

Although we had planned on friendship bracelets (how this all started when I tweeted about starting my childhood hobby again and a couple of people said they fancied doing it) as well as crochet, our crochet experts were among those who couldn't make it so we just did the friendship bracelets this time.

A selection of some of the bracelets I've made previously.

Everyone started off with a simple stripy bracelet to learn the knots.

Sarah's excellent first attempt

Then we all made a chevron design using a few more threads and a slightly different technique.

Check out Lauren's awesome nails - she did them herself!
Lauren's colourful chevron design
Roz's Brazillian design!
Lara's double length bracelet!

A couple of my own designs, mint & grey and raspberry, silver, mint & black.

I have LOADS of ideas for future meetings, I'm happy to do bracelets again for those who missed it or want to learn more patterns and if the crocheters amongst us are coming along to the next one, we can hopefully learn the little crochet hearts.  I'm thinking that since it's all very informal and fun, we don't all have to do the same thing, we can just work on whatever we want with some of us (who are happy to) teaching and some working on projects.  If you've started something at a meeting and not had a chance to finish it - bring it along to the next one.  If you get stuck after a meeting and need help doing it at home, just tweet  me (or bring it back to the next meeting for assistance).

If there is anything specific you would like us to do next time, let me know and I'll see what I can do.  Remember you can see all the ideas here and everyone who's shown an interest has been invited to add to the pinboard.  I'd love to try making these and these (I have the ingredients for the first one but ran out of time to make any for #heartswap!) which Lauren has said she can help us with.

Sign up for the next one by emailing me and filling in the doodle poll here for the dates you're available so we can decide when the next one will be!   Don't forget if you want to display the button on your own blog, it can be found here.

Olive Dragonfly Craft Club

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  1. Oops, I'm so sorry. I put a reminder on my phone to take a picture of mine today when the light was better but I see now that it's too late!
    For anyone thinking about joining us next time, please do come along, it was great fun :) xx

    1. Lara, send it ams I'll add it to the post! x

  2. Can't wait for the next one. I'm doing a how to on those nails tomorrow and I pinned a pic of my decorations you. I've got one somewhere of then I decorated I can show you when I find it! Lol



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