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Our Wedding Stationery

My Mum was always going to make my invites whenever I got married.  She is amazing at all crafty things and regularly makes cards using all sorts of techniques but mainly using rubber stamps - and she has HUNDREDS!  Her craft room (yes it's a whole big amazing room) is stacked with papers, card, pens, embossing powder, other crafty items and many, many stamps. She wanted to get to work right away after we got engaged so as soon as we knew our theme and I had some ideas, we began to think about the design.  I had seen an idea involving ribbons in a magazine but adapted it when we found our ribbon in the right colour.  We ended up layering 3 different sizes on top of each other, green, ivory and green again.

Ribbon Idea

We had decided on dragonflies by this point so Mum sent me a scan of an A4 sheet with all of her dragonfly stamps on it but none of them were quite what I had in mind.

We then searched ebay and found a couple of fantastic ones.  One of them was a bit more tribal looking with hidden birds, I actually only noticed the 3rd bird after it arrived!

Tribal Dragonfly

The 2nd one was more lacy looking and had more swirls and loops.

Lacey Dragonfly

I decided the 2nd one was a bit more 'weddingy' and I'm glad I did as the finished result is amazing!  We went for a square invite with the ribbons down the left and the dragonfly on the right with wording underneath.  We found a font by searching ebay also for 'Wedding Invitation' and 'Evening Invitation' stamps.  We found a nice one on ebay that also told us it was the 'Freebooter Script' font, so we were able to download this and use it on the inserts also.

We printed these ourselves with all the extra information and details of our wedding website to give people any other details they might want to know.  It also allows people to RSVP online which makes my life a lot easier when it comes to the seating plan as I can just drag and drop them into different places and then print. We initially planned to have 3 crystals and then 3 pearls on the ribbons before changing it entirely to have nothing on the ribbons but some green crystals on the dragonfly itself which I much prefer after seeing it done - it totally lifts the whole invite.

First invite idea

Final invite idea
The cutest bit is the stamp Mum had made to stamp the back of the invites...

 Made with Love - Invite Back

We used the stamped image of the dragonfly to add some detail to our envelopes and RSVP cards.   We also included it on our A6 inserts inviting family to an informal BBQ on the Saturday before the wedding.

Envelope Back and BBQ invite

Personalised printed envelopes


We even bought a cheap laser printer to make sure the inserts were crisp and clear (Nik assures me there is a difference compared to our inkjet!)

Post Wedding Update:

We used the same design for all our stationery - menus and order of service.  Mum also made our amazing place names for the jam jar favours.

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

Photo by Uncle Alan

Photo by Nazlie


We LOVE cheese, the edible kind and occasionally the cheesy cheese kind - you know - pop music, fancy dress parties, so utterly romantic romance it's totally OTT (OK that one might be just me)!  We generally prefer cheese to sweets anyway and I was inspired by this image I found on Rock My Wedding, my ULTIMATE wedding porn!  (They featured it from another amazing blog - Sunday Suppers.)  I was never actually planning on having a sweetie buffet either but after seeing this picture, really wanted to style my own table!  It also makes perfect sense  for us to have one when our tea/coffee is served downstairs as we need to allow time for the room upstairs to be changed around for dancing!

 RMW Cheese Table 

I love the idea of taking this idea and putting my stamp on it and incorporating our theme.  This is where the cake stand (featured in my 'Wedding Planner' post) comes in.  I have changed the ribbon on it to my colour and it will be laden with one of the cheeses we pick.  (Can't wait for that job!  All those lovely cheeses to taste, yum!)
Rebecca's Cake Stand 

I have also managed to source (from my wonderful bridesmaids) a couple of domed cheese boards to borrow and I have my own chunky round chopping board with glass dome from a cake stand to use as well.  My lovely Mum also bought me a small domed cake stand to add variety in height and size.

Pear Bowl 

I plan to use green pears, grapes and celery to add more green while also being good accompaniments to the cheese.  I found the above bowl on Linda Barker's website Really Linda Barker and am (im)patiently awaiting it's arrival as it was out of stock. While searching for a set of cheese knives on-line I came across some cheese markers on etsy which were made of acrylic and shaped like cows/goats/sheep according to which type of milk the cheese was made from.  (Love that idea!) and I thought I could use it to incorporate my dragonfly theme.  I did contact the seller to ask if they could make a dragonfly shape instead but after getting no response I wondered if I could somehow manage to make them myself. At work, I happen to have access to very small drills and thought that if I could find a box or something similar made from white plastic or acrylic I might be able to cut out some dragonfly shapes.  Cue the Tesco 87p value tray (found by Nik, what a star)!


 I downloaded some stock dragonfly shapes online, made myself some paper templates by tracing them and then chose the best shape for writing on.  I then drew round it onto the tray to fit in as many as I could, I managed 11 in the end!

 11 Dragonflies 
I then looked forward to Monday at work for once and got to work in my lunch hour cutting them out!  Ably assisted by my wonderful nurse, Liz who took photos for me and kept finding bits of white plastic all afternoon!  Oops!  :)

Hard at work!
Cutting the first dragonfly!

I did find that the edges were very rough and chewed up by the high speed drill so had to spend some time smoothing the edges, Liz was again very helpful here and volunteered to help while I used the portable drill (she says she found it therapeutic so I didn't feel too bad letting her help!)

Ragged edges

Liz Helping

Smoothing (You can see the mess it made!)

Close Up

The finished result was amazing and I have even managed to find a green marker pen to write the cheese names on with!  I think they will look fab with their tails wedged into each type of cheese and it's a great way to tie the theme in!

Finished Result!

It was incredibly popular!  :D


The search for my dress began very soon after getting engaged.  My parents live abroad so I usually see them only once a year and it just so happened they were back in the UK two weeks after we returned from our holiday for my Uncle's 50th birthday.  I initially thought I had only 2 weekends with my Mum in order to fit in all the usual Mother-Daughter fun wedding stuff, like the dress search!  She did however reveal after a couple of weeks, just before our engagement party, that she had changed her flights after learning of our engagement in order to stay an extra 4 weeks to spend more time with me and to help with planning!  I was delighted!
I had been busy on google before she had arrived and made a list of a few random appointments in Glasgow to start with.  I didn't select anywhere based on anything in particular and still wasn't entirely sure what I was after - I seem to like ALL the dresses in the magazines!  I just knew I wanted something a bit different to what I had seen at other wedding's we've been to.  We went on my day off work and our first appointment at Sarah Morgan Bridal in Mount Vernon.
Sarah Morgan is run by Jean Morgan and her daughter from their lovely home in Mount Vernon and I can't recommend them enough!  They sell couture made to measure dresses in their own designs along with tiaras and magnificent veils.  They have a beautiful set up in their front room with dozens of tiaras adorning their fireplace and white armoir wardrobes, the veils hang around the room from the picture rail and the dresses are all along one wall.

There is a stunning full length gilt mirror with 3 spotlights to show off the dresses at their best while trying them on and a chaise in the window for the Mums and Bridesmaids to sit and admire.


Stunning Veils
Not only was the room lovely, but Jean and her daughter were too.  I couldn't have felt more relaxed while trying on their gorgeous dresses.  There was no pressure and although still in the room, I never felt like they were hovering over me.  They were happy to chat and I never felt rushed.  I was made to feel special being the only bride there with their undivided attention.  As it happens, the first dress Jean picked out for me to try after a brief chat was one that had caught my eye when we first walked in and it was STUNNING, all the dresses after were compared to this and none matched up to the quality, beauty and feel I had when wearing it.
I have since been to other bridal shops and had various experiences ranging from OK to downright awful!  In one, I was constantly being asked questions on what I thought about each dress, what I wasn't sure about, what I did/didn't like about it and although I understand they are trying to ascertain what I like in order to help me find a dress, I just felt under pressure when I really wanted to be free to discuss it with the people I brought.  Not only that, but we were surrounded by other brides and all their people looking at us as well so I was a lot more self conscious, especially given that the sample dresses are mostly rather small and a strip of fabric was used on my size 14-16 frame to hold the backs together while having to step out in front of the above audience.  NOT SPECIAL AT ALL!  After about an hour of trying with nothing comparing to the first dress I tried, my bridesmaid went to pick out a dress she thought I might like and while I was in the changing room, she was told in a rather rude way that there was only time for one more dress when she picked up two.  As far as I'm concerned, it takes as long as it takes to find the perfect dress and that 2nd dress Claire picked out might well have turned out to be the one.
I did in fact I end up spending an hour and a half back at Sarah Morgan Bridal (mainly due to chatting with them so much, they are so lovely!) on my 3rd visit there to discuss buying the sample dress.  The reason being it was a lovely colour which suited me perfectly but Jean explained she couldn't replicate this colour as the fabric had faded over time and a new dress would be made from fresh new fabric.  As it happens, when I went back that last time with my shoes and even the length of the sample was perfect - as if it was made for me!  I was very lucky and Jean gave me a very decent discount for buying the sample dress considering they weren't trying to sell it and would have to get another one made.  Other than a couple of minor marks (I hadn't even noticed them until she pointed them out!) it was in perfect condition.  I do love a bargain!  :)
So it only took just over a month of looking at dresses and I bought the first one I tried on and can't wait to wear it again!  :)

Edit - pictures now added of trying on the dress since the wedding!...

Choosing Veil

Ribbon added to make halter-neck

All wrapped up ready to go!

The Wedding Planner

I have just returned from a meeting with Rebecca Barnett Wedding Design and I have to say I already feel so much less worried about our wedding day.  She is going to help us organise the venue on the day since it's not a hotel and doesn't come with a wedding coordinator or anyone to decorate the hall for us.
We decided recently that although I am loving the planning and most of it is organised already, we could really use some help on the day!  I have bought a few little items and have a couple of things to set up (more on those later!) and as much as I would love to set it all up and decorate our venue myself, I simply can't!  Our venue is booked on most days throughout the summer so we are unable to get in the day before as someone else is having their wedding!  On the morning of our wedding I will be rather busy being beautified with my bridesmaids and Mum.  Therefore there is no-one I can or would ask to do these little jobs for me as they all add up to quite a bit of work really.
I discovered Rebecca's blog early on in my planning and absolutely loved her style!  I even contacted her to ask about her ribbon cake stand from a tea party she hosted - she even used my colour of green!  I'm sure she won't mind me using her picture and you can see her whole post here...Rebecca\'s Tea Party

Ribbon Cake Stand
I have struggled to find the exact same one but did manage to find these ones from The Orchard.
Cake Stands
The great thing is you can change the ribbon to any colour/pattern you want to match your scheme and choose which size suits you, or even buy all three and stack them in tiers!
After meeting Rebecca today I am even more convinced that she is perfect to help us on our day as we seem to have the same style and thoughts on all things wedding related and more!  I'm so excited I've found someone I can trust to help make the images in my head reality!

Post Wedding Update:

Rebecca was amazing!  A total godsend.  She sorted out all the decor on the day with perfect style, just as I imagined, especially my cheese table and the photo booth backdrop as well as hanging my little hearts and dragonflies everywhere.  Her husband also helped out immensely on the day and did all the announcements for us as well.

They got married just the week after us and now have a beautiful baby boy.  I felt like we really became friends and have kept in touch since the big day.

Schemes and Themes

Our colour scheme was always going to be green.  Nik knew this even before proposing as I am just obsessed with all things green!   As I mentioned in my previous post, I chose olive green due to the fact that a) I love it, b) it's not emerald, forest or lime as seen in 3 previous friends' weddings and c) the photos will go with our home decor :) (Yes, I really am that sad that I think about these things!)  I'm also really not a fan of pastels and like to be a bit different and I haven't seen any olive green bridesmaid dresses anywhere, although this did present a slight problem when I wanted to buy some! We also wanted to incorporate Nik's Indian culture and Scottish culture as, although not technically Scottish, I have lived and grown up here since I was five. I made a mood board recently with some of my initial ideas and inspirations...

Mood Board - Inspirations
The butterfly image in the middle was found in a magazine stationary section and I loved the style of the butterfly but didn't want anything quite as girly as butterflies and something a bit more unusual.  When discussing this with a friend, she suggested dragonflies instead and I have no idea why I hadn't though of it myself!  I love dragonflies and have a couple of dragonfly necklaces and other items already! So our theme was born - green and dragonflies with a Scottish Indian Fusion thrown in for good measure!  When I told my future mother in law this, she thought it might be a confusion wedding but I think she's now convinced!
Post Wedding Update:

I absolutely loved our wedding decor and had lots of little personal touches and lots of green!  

Even Mum got in on the green love :)


Yes, I even got tissues with green blooms on to go with the green themed basket of toiletries in the ladies

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