Monday, 28 May 2018

Observatory Science Centre at Herstmonceux

On the early May bank holiday Monday we met up with some new friends at Herstmonceux for the "Bubbletastic Weekend" event at the Observatory Science Centre.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Drusillas Park, East Sussex - review

We chose the perfect day to go to review Drusillas last week. It was sunny with just a slight breeze, hot but not sweltering and I can wholeheartedly recommend the park, we had an amazing day out!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Bank holiday fun with dandelions and the paddling pool

The early May bank holiday was just what I needed.  The weather was perfect.  My Mum was here with us (and is all month while Nik is studying) and the twins were on great form.  I've started writing a bit more about my PND diagnosis and also took the scary step of writing about it in my local magazine column in Uckfield Matters, as well as talking about it on air during my monthly Uckfield FM chat slot.  The feedback I've received has been wonderful and supportive so I'm very glad to be able to bring more awareness about maternal mental health.  I'm doing much better now for various reasons and feeling much more like myself again and these types of weekends are doing me the world of good.  Not so much the rainy ones with moody twins but I'm even finding them easier to cope with.

So as for our fun bank holiday weekend, here are my favourite photos showing what we got up to!

Fun with dandelion clocks.  Kalyan has been desperately waiting for the fluffy ones to appear and was delighted when we took him to a patch of hundreds (and I was delighted with the evening light)!  You can see more from this session on my bexphoto blog as well as a pull-back shot of the surprising location.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Downstairs Loo - Before & After

It's been months since this room was finished and I took photos back in January but have only just gotten around to blogging it since I wrote about the plans and before photos here.  I adore the new wallpaper and I'm so glad we decided to splash out on the F&B Lotus pattern.  In the end though, we couldn't justify the cost of doing all the walls in such a small room so opted for just the back wall in paper and actually I'm so glad we did, it looks fab with the other walls in the dark grey background colour, Plummet.  The amazing Matt and his mum from MRJ Services did a fantastic job hanging the wallpaper and painting the room.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Framfield Spring Fair - fun in the rain

On Saturday we went along to one of many local spring and summer fairs in various villages surrounding Uckfield.  They're all great fun and we love supporting our local fetes and their fund raising for schools and various other village causes.

The Framfield Fair was our first one this year and despite the rainy weather, it was a lovely event.  I'm not sure Kalyan was convinced after I'd made the mistake of telling him there would be a tractor there (it wasn't) and his only interest being for ice-cream (as the van was right next to the entrance) and the Nerf gun stand.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Writing for Uckfield Matters

I started my new job as a writer for Uckfield Matters magazine back in February and I'm really enjoying it!  My column is called Bex Blogs which gives me free reign to write about whatever I like although I try to keep it local as the magazine is produced in Uckfield, about Uckfield for local people.  So far I've written a lcoal Sunday roast review, shared a couple of recipes, talked about foraging for wild garlic in our local woods and shared about struggling with motherhood and pnd as well as how I cope using my photography.  I'm donating a family session to another mother suffering from pnd to try to help in some small way as I know how much my photos of the twins have helped me during my low periods.

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