Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Long Tall Sally Autumn/Winter Collection

by Bex

As I mentioned in my recent post, I picked three fabulous items from the new Autumn/Winter range at Long Tall Sally.  Unfortunately since they've arrived, it' been rather lovely warm weather most of the time and not at all autumnal!  I've struggled to get out in all the layers to get some decent photos but my lovely father in law obliged on a chillier, sunny morning this week!  The babies also got in on the act for added cuteness ;)

The High Rise Flare Jeans are my favourite.  I only have one pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that fit me at the moment but they end up making a shelf for my belly which is highly unflattering along with general muffin top issues limiting what I can wear with them as it has to be very long and very baggy!

Also, Priya's just learned to kiss (with her mouth wide open)!

These new flares are high waisted so they are much more comfortable as well as being very flattering, holding in my tum.  They have a really good stretch in the denim so I bought size 16 which is still a little snug so they'll hopefully still fit if/when I finally manage to shift a bit of this belly!  Of course, the best bit is the length!  I have their shortest length at 34" which is perfect for me as I can't wear very high heels anyway but the 36" would be ideal for me with platform heels and they even do 38" for super tall ladies.  The next time I need a pair of jeans, I'll definitely be heading to Long Tall Sally, in fact I've actually ordered a pair of their skinny jeans which are super soft and stretchy (I tried them on in store but wanted a different colour).

I also love the Crochet Insert Smock which is the perfect long length (for wearing with those other jeans while these are in the wash!) and super soft.  The sleeves are perfect for dealing with babies as they are elasticated at the wrist so there are no dangly cuffs to get accidentally dipped in anything nasty!  Like the coatigan, it adds a little something to an otherwise basic outfit with the pretty crochet detail.  It's also long enough to wear with leggings but is flowy enough to wear with a maxi without looking entirely shapeless.

I always find the sizing generous in Long Tall Sally (I've recently been a size 20 for patterned trousers in Primark and BHS) so I would size down if ordering from the website.  I was surprised that the smock fitted me in size small (especially with my larger than normal breast-feeding boobs!) and the Coatigan in medium (the small fitted but was tight on the arms and I prefer coats and cardigans to be a bit looser).  All of the items feel well made with luxuriously soft fabrics - I can't stand itchy cardigans.

I actually had trouble deciding which items to add to my wish list, I was tempted by the suede brogue boots, the soft legging jeans in Khaki and these comfy trainers.  If I still had my old waist, I would have definitely chosen this green kimono dress!

I've also ordered myself a couple of other items from the website which I just couldn't resist now I'm starting to feel a bit more like my normal self after these last few months of new twin mummy mania!  These grey wedge ankle boots are pretty gorgeous and very comfy for when I just want to look a bit smarter now I can no longer live in sandals and flip flops.  I always struggle to find comfy boots which I can walk all day in.

*Disclaimer: I received the three items above from Long Tall Sally to review but my opinion is honest and entirely my own.  I have been a fan of Long Tall Sally for a number of years and genuinely love their clothing. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


by Bex

Sometimes the blurry ones are the best!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Monochrome Check Coatigan

by Bex

I am absolutely in love with my new coatigan from Long Tall Sally!

Long Tall Sally recently asked me if I'd like to choose some pieces from their Autumn/Winter range.  Obviously I jumped at the chance, I love Long Tall Sally for classic, comfortable clothes and if I'm struggling to find a maxi or pair of jeans long enough, I'm sure to find something at LTS!  (My black maxi is still a regular staple and has been great during my tricky tummy stage post-twins and I still love my grey lacy butterfly print pyjamas I bought in 2011.)  It's been far too long, however, since I got any nice new clothes and I'm desperate for some comfortable yet stylish outfits to wear rather than being stuck in leggings and boring tunic tops.  I've recently had to stop wearing my two pairs of maternity jeans as the thighs wore through!!

I selected three gorgeous pieces which look great together as well as being versatile and going with many other outfits.  I planned to wear the whole outfit at the weekend when Nik could take some photos but we suddenly had a burst of warm sunshine so I would have been too warm!  I did manage to get a few photos wearing my coatigan the other evening but I'll be sharing the whole outfit soon - the top is so pretty!

I threw the Check Coatigan over the top of my green T-shirt and casual high waisted jeans (the only kind I can now wear comfortably), both from H&M.  It is sooooo soft and cosy!  It's perfect for throwing on in the autumn and the check design will always look stylish.  As it's monochrome it will pretty much go with anything and just adds a bit of pizazz to a basic look.  I've already worn it loads when out for walks with the twins!

I received this coatigan from Long Tall Sally to review but my opinion is honest and entirely my own.  I have been a fan of Long Tall Sally for a number of years and genuinely love their clothing. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Crowborough Miniature Railway

by Bex

We had an awesome time at the miniature railway at Crowborough yesterday.  We thought Kalyan would really love the little steam train and we were right!  He was so excited, doing his usual excited dance of kicking legs and flailing arms.  I have to say, we really enjoyed it too, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, especially in the sunshine!

Priya was a little unsure at first, we stopped on the bridge our way down to the 'station' to watch the train pass underneath and when he tooted the horn, she started crying!  Luckily she was fine after that, I think she just got a wee fright bless her.  (It really wasn't loud, being such a small train, but obviously surprised her.)

It's just a small track but is currently being extended into the next field.  It's just £1 for 2 laps (although we got 3 laps both times we rode) and the babies were free but we made a donation to help with the funding of the extension.

The surroundings are lovely with a small boating lake and lots of trees and benches.  The track is currently one big circle around the water.

The people working there were all absolutely lovely.  They were happy for me to take lots of photos and invited me to cross the track to get a better angle.

The boy working the signals asked if I'd like to take his photo too.  He let us borrow his 'Engine Driver' hat for Kalyan to wear (which as you can see, he loved!) and then offered to take another of the four of us before we left.

I think my favourites are the ones Nik took of Kalybops sitting in the drivers seat wearing the hat!

Friday, 4 September 2015

A few favourites and general update

by Bex

It's been tricky getting used to the new status quo.  Being back on my own looking after the twins has been hard now they're 3 months older too.  Having Mum around to help out and spend time with us was great and getting a proper break in Saudi, where I managed to do lots of swimming and aqua aerobics (as well as two massages!) and a little crafting, was fantastic which is possibly why I'm struggling being back in the reality of just me and two babies all day every day.  I am knackered.

As is Priya, apparently!

This week has actually been easier again, I think we all just needed a bit of adjusting as the twins had gotten used to having someone else around if they were both upset or wanting attention at once.  Being 9 months versus 6 months makes a difference too of course, they are much more mobile as well as requiring more entertaining and napping less.

The great thing is that now they're older and more aware of what's going on, they play together much more which is lovely to watch.  They often giggle at each other, Kalyan more than Priya - he gets so delighted by his sister!  I think that might also explain some of his frustration since she's been crawling, he can't follow her and she's all over the place now.  He's very close to crawling but not quite there yet.  I suspect he'll be much happier once he can though!

He does still love his maracas though!  I have a great series of photos of him playing with this green one showing off some of his awesome expressions!  They're so good I'm probably going to do a whole post just of our wee Kalybops with his maraca!

Priya has been a delight since crawling and learning to stand - she stands most of the day now when playing - either leaning on the coffee table, sofa or toy box and is so proud of herself.  I think it helps that she can get to where/what/who she wants - she often follows us if we're in a different room.  It may be this that has contributed to their sleep improving too.  They're much more energetic during the day and we changed our tactics when they wake in the night, after about 3 or 4 nights they started sleeping through til 6:30 or 7am!  It's soooo great, although I do still keep waking up at 5am!  Bedtime is trickier as tandem feeding is pretty much done with now - Priya would just try to sit up and roll off the pillow!  I now feed them one after the other and they are both usually very wriggly nowadays when feeding in general!

The rain has been a bit rubbish lately but it did mean I managed to get some pictures of Priya's rose covered in droplets:

She was given it at the naming ceremony by the ladies who came from the pop-in!  They bought us a pink rose and blue lavender to go in the garden for the twins - such a lovely thought!

Priya now has 5 teeth and Kalyan ALMOST has 3!  Sophie is still as popular as ever.

We have bought a second hand Chicco walker which is in great condition (and a bargain at £5!) which they both love although Kalyan just seems to go backwards so far!  They both love walking while holding onto my hands - not great for the back since I'm tall but they're getting so fast and more confident by the day!  Priya's already using the walker to scoot around the kitchen, trying to open cupboards, ovens and bins!  Luckily the walker prevents them opening as it's so large but I have to keep a close eye on her!  Needless to say we already have a gate at the top of the stairs and on the kitchen door.  I caught her today standing holding onto the bottom step trying to lift her leg so that gate will be getting fitted this weekend!

She didn't like it when I left her in the nursery alone to take Kalyan downstairs for breakfast this morning.  Luckily he was then happy in the jumperoo for a while so I played with her upstairs again for a bit.  (And had a mini photo shoot!)

I wish I could spend more one on one time with them occasionally, it's much easier to play and engage when it's just two of us.  Kalyan has been having shorter naps lately and while Priya carries on dozing next to us we've had some fun play time and cuddles.  Apparently twins tend to have slower speech development due to the lack of one on one, eye to eye communication as well as being able to babble at each other.  They're both pretty chatty these days with their ba ba bas and da da das so we'll see.

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