Thursday, 31 January 2013


There may not be a splurge vs save tomorrow (unless I have time to do one today), it's been a tough week this week, but this actually worked out to kinda be one anyway - just not in my usual style of similar outfits!

The fashion world has caught up with my love for dragonflies this season.  Apart from a few garments I managed to find last year, there never seem to be as many dragonfly prints available in the shops as there are birds and butterflies.  Apparently this is all about to change and there are big names getting in on the dragonfly act too.

I am absolutely in love with the abstract dragonfly prints at McQ by Alexander McQueen, especially the green skirt and dress (obviously!) along with the McQueen dragonfly jewellery...

McQueen Dragonflies

There are quite a few more affordable ones on the high street as well though, I particularly like the Oasis dress which I was alerted to by reader, Liz.  (Also, I couldn't resist including the dragonfly glasses, though they're clearly not fashion!)


Do let me know if you see any more dragonfly themed items I might love!  Think I'll have to get Roz on making up a star version of this post - I've seen a few starry items around recently ;)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pin It Do It Challenge - Leopard Nails

I've chosen another nail art inspiration for this week's Pinterest challenge.

My inspiration pin is below...

Source: via Bex on Pinterest

I did it the same as shown above using the toothpicks but used more of a mink colour as the base and a metallic champagne for the spots.

I decided to paint the full nail rather than just the tips and to keep the pattern to just one nail.  Again, it was easier than I thought although I think I painted the metallic spots a little too close together so they were quite tight by the time I added the black.  A couple of areas did go a little smudgy but I'm pretty chuffed with the overall result!

If you have a pin that inspired a project you've actually had a go at, please do send it in or tweet it using the hashtag #PinItDoIt  Get those pins off the boards and into real life!  It's fun :)

Olive Dragonfly Pin It Do It

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Six Years

It was 6 years ago today that my husband and I switched from being friends and work colleagues to something more.  I'd never made it past 6 months in a relationship before I met Nik.  Possibly because, until I met him, guys just didn't get me.  Perhaps the story of how it happened will explain why.

We were at a 'cheesy' fancy dress flat warming party for another friend and colleague and there was a lot of flirting all night, culminating in a kiss (and a few more kisses)!

Nik is the opposite of me and utterly laid back.  I am hyper and excitable.  When we returned to work I was clearly in a state of what's going to happen next?  Was it just a kiss?  Was it beer related?  Does he want to go out with me?  I was obviously interested and had done nothing for the past two days but ponder these questions.  He was just carrying on as normal.  So I asked him out.  I was never one for patience, which is just as well as it could have taken months!  (Nik has since admitted this to be true!)  He said no, he was busy (cue red face and hasty retreat from me, while trying to be nonchalant).  A couple of nights later, I asked if he wanted to pop by after his late shift and he was planning to, but then had to call and cancel as he had to stay late for an emergency at work.  A few days after that I called to see if he fancied coming over to watch a film.  He said it was a bit late to watch a film.  I'm nothing if not persistent and this still didn't put me off.  Maybe I was crazy, but I needed it spelled out to me if someone wasn't interested, ever the optimist!

I decided maybe he was trying to let me down gently and just go back to being friends without making things awkward.  I would MUCH rather he just said it.  I was never one for games, much preferring straight talk and obvious cues.

I eventually called him one evening when we were both off the next day (I actually sound like a crazy stalker now don't I?!) with a big speech all prepared explaining that I wasn't sure if anything else was going to happen since we kissed and if he just wanted to go back to being friends that was fine but could he just tell me either way.  I preceded my planned speech with one last ditch attempt to ask him out and suggested going for a drink, all ready to plough into my calm but efficient speech.  But he said yes!  This I was not prepared for!  He said, lets meet in half an hour.  Eeeeek!  Hair, outfit, make-up all a mess - emergency style getting ready commenced!

We met in a bar in Edinburgh and sat opposite each other at a table with a couple of beers and chatted about work, as you do when you work together.  I still wasn't sure if he was just trying to remain friends.  We moved on to another bar, this time sitting in a booth and after another drink, he placed his hand on my knee and I could finally relax!  You don't do that if you're trying to be friends.  Needless to say, there was more kissing at the end of that night and you know how the story pans out after that.  :D

I know this all makes me sound a bit mental and too keen.  I'm so grateful that Nik could see past that, most likely because he already knew I was a bit bonkers having worked with me for 6 months!  He still says now that is one of the reasons he loves me, what you see is what you get and when I'm dancing round the room in crazy happy chick mode, it makes him laugh.  I even wrote it in our wedding vows, that he know's I'm mad and he loves me anyway and that's why we work so well together.  He keeps me sane(ish) and I provide the craziness.

He'll kill me for this one but he's just too gorgeous!

I think he discovered just how bonkers I am on that holiday when I took a million pictures (and have kept that up ever since)  ;)

And since this is the story of our first kiss, here are some pictures of our first kiss as husband and wife and the kiss I gave him after his lovely speech...

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

Roz: Cloudy Bay - wine delivery!

Last week we received a lovely delivery, 10 bottles of wine all the way from New Zealand :)
B and I went to New Zealand on our honeymoon in early 2010 and completely fell in love with the country.   We spent a few weeks touring round a number of different parts of both the North and South Island and one thing we ensured we included in our plans were trips to a number of the country's vineyards.  We went on a number of organised wine outings, to ensure we could both take advantage of the free tastings, including one hilarious Bike the Vines tour in Hawkes Bay.
We had heard of Cloudy Bay before we went, with a few friends highly recommending the wine, but I don't remember if we had ever tasted the wine before we went to NZ.  Originally a trip to their vineyard was not part of our plans but then fate stepped in!  Our whale watching excursion was cancelled and when we were looking on our map to plan out something else to do that day, we noticed that Cloudy Bay was only an hour or so drive away.

We ordered a case of Cloudy Bay wine on our honeymoon, and although we still have 3 of the 15 bottles, when our good friends visited NZ before Christmas, (As part of their YEAR long honeymoon!! Follow their amazing adventure here.) we thought it was a good opportunity to order some more of their wine that you can only buy at the cellar door. Well we do have grand plans for a wine cellar in our new house!
This time we only ordered 12 bottles:
6 x Mustang Pinot Noir 2009 - we still have 2 x Mustang Pinot Noir 2007 left from our honeymoon purchases
4 x Te Wáhi Pinot Noir 2010 - that was just released at the end of last summer
1 x Pelorus - a white sparkling wine, Cloudy Bay's 'champagne'
1 x Vintage Pelorus 2007 - which we bought for our 3rd wedding anniversary next month!

The delivery charge and additional customs payments bump up the cost of the wine, which came in at around £40 a bottle.  Now I know some of you may be thinking who pays £40 for a bottle of wine??  I would have said the same thing a few years ago, but for us these bottles aren't for everyday drinking and will be saved for special ocassions.  In fact we already have plans to keep two of each of the reds for a good number of years. 
Basically there is going to have to be a special ocassion soon as I am dying to try the Te Wáhi, our friends sampled it when they were ordering our wine and told us we were going to LOVE it!!  Any ideas what I can convince the boy we need to celebrate readers?
Roz xx 

Monday, 28 January 2013

#ODSS - the pictures!

Here are some pictures I have been sent of the Olive Dragonfly Secret Santa gifts.  This was an optional thing, some people haven't sent me any pictures so don't worry if you don't see yours here!  Mine is here.  If you haven't had a chance to send them yet but would like to, just email me and I will edit them in when I receive them :)

Thanks to everyone who joined in, I can't wait to plan the next one!  It was so much fun to organise and lovely to see all the tweets as parcels arrived!


Here's a photo of my Secret Santa pressies - Custard Cream earrings, a gold notebook and some letterpress list notelets!


I adored my presents!!!  I had homemade jam and homemade biscotti, both of which tasted amazing!  Katie also sent me some nail varnish, earrings, a sparkley headpiece and some yummy smelling body lotion.  Most of these items were purple / purple-ish, my favourite colour.  The last item in my gift was a Love & Cuddles cushion, which looks fab on my futon.  Not sure i can pick my favourite bit but I loved the biscotti nom, nom, nom!!!


Big huge thanks to Santa, I LOVE my present!


Thank you for organising this, it was such a pleasure to receive my parcel. Rachel wrapped everything so beautifully and it was a joy to open each little gift. I've worn the bird necklace most days since receiving it and have gotten lots of comments on how pretty it is. I love the socks - so soft to the touch and lovely to look at. I've used the sticky notes to mark recipes that I want to make in the new year and I can't wait to bake some gingerbread men (I've only ever decorated them before!). The ornament is hanging in my living room, the soap has gone into my nice new bathroom and the chocolates were very quickly scoffed. :)


Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for organising ODSS, it has cheered me up SO much :) 


I've included a few pics of my ODSS pressie which arrived yesterday. Sorry about the quality, iPhone pics. Aside from the chocolate goodies which are in the fridge the two pressies are under the tree to be opened on Christmas morning because my mum drilled it into me not to open presents before the big day and I can't shake it.


Just wanted to send you a couple of pics from my SS gift for the blog before I forget.


Attached the photos of my gorgeous gift  :-D 


Can't wait for this years - it'll be even bigger and better but I'll be really smug and be able to say that I was there from the 1st ever ODSS!


You did a great job and I loved being involved!


Not in the picture as eaten were delicious White chocolate Christmas nibbles & inside the quote envelope, lovely book plates.
Thank you for organising & look it helped lead to #bookswap.

Feel free to identify yourself as the giver if you wish :)
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