Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Magical Mystery Tour

We've had a lot going on lately but this weekend we have a much needed trip away for a few days.  On Saturday we leave on my 30th birthday trip (postponed from earlier in the year) and I still have NO IDEA where we're going.  I have been given clues so I can at least pack the right clothes but all I know is that it's a city in Europe, less than 4 hours away and the temperature is a little warmer than here (9-13 degrees apparently but hot in the summer) so I'm planning an Autumn style wardrobe.  Comfy shoes and at least one glam outfit just in case - well it is for my 30th so maybe there will be a nice dinner involved on one night ;)

I will, of course, tweet from Heathrow when I have been told I will finally find out (on Sunday) where we are headed!  Any packing tips would be gratefully received!  :)

Oh and randomly we've booked flights to South Korea in March!  We had some more airmiles saved up since our honeymoon and there was a sale on BA reward flights we JUST remembered to take advantage of 90 minutes before it ended!  For the dates we can travel (due to Nik's difficult rota which we only have 4 months at a time) we could go to Seoul, San Diego or Las Vegas.  We opted for Korea.  Utterly random and we have no idea where we plan to stay or what we plan to see there (I've just ordered the rough guide) which makes it even more exciting!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Karaoke fun!

Our evening on Saturday started in Blythswood Hotel for dinner, fizz and cocktails which were all delicious.

I got a bit excited when I spotted another celeb on the table next to us and then another turned up to join him and others!  It was Brian Cox (from X-Men 2 and Day of the Triffids among many other things) and Siobhan Redmond.  Unlike when I met Chris in a bar, I wasn't drunk and they were eating so I didn't want to interrupt them to say hello (I'm never sure whether famous people enjoy that or not but I'm guessing definitely not while eating!) even when half our group weren't convinced at first it was even them.  When we left I got Roz and Natalie to pose by the exit for a surreptitious photo to show Nik

We then made our way to the Party Pod Roz had booked at One Up for a private karaoke session!

Since being forced to sing at PenDo in February, I was actually quite up for singing this time (although did apologise in advance as I am under no illusions that I can actually sing well!)

I sang Pink, of course, and my new favourite karaoke songs, Katy Perry - The one that got away and Taylor Swift - You belong with me.  So much fun!

And there was Lauren's amazing fringe dress...

I can't remember what Roz and I were singing shouting but we had fun!

After our karaoke fun, we headed down to Corinthian for a few more drinks and rather a lot of posing ;)

My throat was a bit ropey this morning and I am now most definitely full of the cold and surrounded by tissues!  Ach well, it was worth it!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Outfit Post - Smart-casual winter style

I was invited out with Roz and her friends on Saturday night and despite feeling a bit rubbish all day, I decided I really didn't want to miss it despite not feeling like getting all dolled up.  I decided to put together a cosy smart casual outfit instead with cosy tights and boots and felt more comfortable than I would have in a dress and heels.  I love the sequin skirt from good old M&S (I am loving so much of their stuff right now!) which is a great length for me (most sequin skirts seem to be rather short for me) and a lovely dusky grey-green colour.

Smart Casual Christmas Outfit

H m

Dash knit cardigan (Similar)


Hue tight (Similar)
£9.42 -

Oasis bracelet

Pied a terre (Similar)

I also wore my hair differently - this is how it looks when I just put some mousse on it and let it dry naturally.  (It's usually straightened to within an inch of its life or tied back.)  I also tried out something different with my eye make-up and went for a mix of old teal shades I found in my drawer with a more obvious flick of eye-liner.

I get compliments on this green amethyst ring every time I wear it!

I had a great night (full report on the dinner and karaoke coming up later!) and got a few compliments on my skirt too :)

The hair did end up getting tied back eventually when it was ridiculously warm in Corinthian!  My make-up lasted well - these photos were taken at the end of the night...

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