Tuesday, 15 October 2019


Bex's blog has moved...

Find me at Bexphoto!

Self Portrait for my #HelloYellow project for Young Minds mental health charity

You may or may not have noticed my absence from these pages at Olive Dragonfly (and you may or may not care) but I thought I'd write a little update and let you know where you can follow along with our adventures now should you wish to...

It was all getting too much to keep up with - my job as a dentist, mum of twins, photographer, blogger, writing for Uckfield Matters and Uckfield FM... 

Blogging on two platforms was too much.  For my photography business, I need to keep my Bexphoto website updated, keeping it relevant and easy to find on google so it made sense for some of the blog posts I'd usually write here over to the Bexphoto blog.  Plus, it's just easier for me to manage one blog, and one fewer social media account as I'm also still running @thisdetailedlife with some help from fellow moderators!

Basically, if you're missing my updates and want to follow along with our adventures again, sprinkled with a few client sessions in between, please come and follow @bex.photo on Instagram, Bexphoto on Facebook or sign up to the Bexphoto mailing list!

A few things I've been writing about recently including food reviews, family life, days out, breastfeeding and tongue-tie, mental health charity project and various photo shoots including maternity, creative and branding, I still even managed to include some home interiors...

So you see, I've been rather busy and something had to give, rather than my mental health, I gave up writing here at Olive Dragonfly.  I haven't stopped writing though so please do come and follow along on the Bexphoto blog instead if you like hearing about our adventures and seeing my photos :)

I've even won some amazing awards and had photos published in Click, Elle Decoration, Grazia and Dear Photographer magazines, Vogue Italia and National Geographic, won medals from the Family Photo-Journalist Association and Shoot & Share contest among other exciting features and achievements - all of which can be seen here, it's been an amazing year so far!  

I think my biggest challenge was achieving "ClickPro", submitting my 150 image portfolio to be judged was one of the most nerve wracking things I've done and I was thrilled when I received my acceptance email!

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