Monday, 25 August 2014

More Pinterest Love with Hege In France

by Bex

Despite having quite a few half written posts I'm desperate to finish, you know I can't resist writing up events I've loved as soon as I can!  This one was written up the day after the event but I held off publishing while I found some better pictures to include, thanks to Hege for sending some over!  On Wednesday night Roz and I went along to a Pinterest UK event and I am SO glad we got to attend!  It was literally my perfect way to spend an evening and I need to do as much of that kind of fun stuff while I still can!  The gorgeous Aaron joined us and was very well behaved for the most part letting mummy Roz enjoy herself too.  I'm not sure turning up with 2 babies would be as acceptable (or noiseless) though so I'm glad mine are still safely inside for now ;)

Photo by Hege

Anyway, the event itself was at South Block and organised by Hege, Pinterest UK's first Pinbassador and was all about interior design and Pinterest.  Totally perfect for both Roz and I at the moment since we're both moving home imminently!  (I actually accepted the invitation from Zoe before even knowing what the event was as I just love Pinterest so much anyway, I was pretty sure I'd have a good time at whatever event they'd arranged!)  Unfortunately, due to the short notice (I really should keep my eye on the Pinterest blog to see what's going on), we were unable to get there for the start as I had other plans for the early evening but as soon as we arrived the activity started so we seem to have made it in time for the fun!  :)

Photo by Hege

Although we missed the first half hour and the presentation from Hege, we soon realised our task for the evening was going to be amazing.  We were provided with interior magazines, wallpaper samples, paint swatches, washi tape, tiles, glue, scissors, fabric samples, flowers...  Basically we were to make our own moodboards like a real life Pinterest board!

Photo by Hege

Photo by Hege

It's exactly what I've been using Pinterest for lately, along with all the baby/twin related stuff I've been finding of course!  In fact I even picked a few of my Pins to make another digital moodboard for the blog recently - I just haven't written the master bedroom post yet but here's one I made earlier ;)

(See original post with links here)

I already love tearing pages out of my food magazines and organising my recipes, sticking them into folders so I can easily find what I'm looking for.  I was in my element with so much new home inspiration around and being able to tear, cut and stick to my heart's content :)  I ended up using just one magazine, I think it was Elle Decoration, but found so many various colour schemes and ideas that I ended up deciding to make my moodboard about multiple rooms for our new home (although the bathroom is mostly not possible for this house but I will definitely be saving those ideas for the future)!

Here is my finished board:

Photo by Hege

I'm very proud of it and had so much fun laying it out and adding bits and bobs.  I was obviously quite determined to fill every space.  There were just so many wonderful materials to use, I couldn't stop!  I've never been one for minimalism ;)

The plum/mauve & grey section is inspiration for our living room.  The teal, seafoam green and champagne colours with copper for our bedroom (I couldn't resist a bit of grey in there too) and of course my favourite, olive green for the bathroom with luscious golds and natural textures.  I think the colours would all flow nicely through the house together too.  I also love that the magazine I picked up had a feature on Brighton which included the picture of the Pavilion which just happened to fit in with one of my colour schemes.  Since our new home is in Sussex I took it as a sign we should definitely have some teal in there ;)

That piece of metallic gold wallpaper you can just see under all of my bathroom snippets was extremely popular with everyone.  Roz loved it too and also used it on her board where you can see it much clearer:

Photo by Hege

Roz asked for the details and it turns out it's from good old B&Q so hopefully not a crazy expensive option as I'd quite like to use it in our new home too.  In fact, I think this might be it here, £17.98 for a 10m roll.  (And I've just found a dragonfly wallpaper!  Not my taste for a whole wall but might be nice as a framed sample.)

Her board was full of inspiration for the grown up L shaped living room in the Forever House.

Not only did we all have an amazing time crafting away and eating cupcakes but we also received seriously amazing goody bags from Hege and her sponsors - Bodie and FouFerm LivingB&QFarrow&BallPinterest and Bloomingville!

Photo by Hege

Thank you so much to everyone involved for having us along!  It was the perfect break amongst all the moving house stress I've been having to deal with this week!  :)

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