Friday, 8 August 2014

Embracing the Greys

by Bex

As you know, I stopped colouring my hair last April.  15 months later, after just one haircut in between, it had gotten pretty long and the greys were finally down past my ears.  It became much more subtle once it was past the stage of 'roots' which made quite an obvious stripe.  I enjoy having long hair for a short time and I love being able to wear it in a big top knot but it takes much longer to straighten and tends to look unhealthy much quicker even though I rarely spend time heat treating it - I often just tie it back when it gets this long.

Long hair while I decide which dress to keep from Seraphine, with Twitter/IG help!

Hair in a top knot - plus I just love this picture of the bump!

I always planned to cut it once the greys were down past my chin and I was toying with the idea of dip dying the ends blonde before I chopped them off!  As it happens, with everything else going on at the moment and my plans for a maternity shoot, I decided just to get a longish bob and although the greys are ALMOST to the length where I could tie them back, they're not quite down to my chin yet.

The result is an easily manageable, much tidier haircut (when my hair gets that long the ends become quite straggly as it's very fine) that is still easy to pull back out of the way for when the twins arrive!  As the ends are still the old colour, it does look as though it's been dip dyed about an inch or two if you look closely but I am liking the overall effect now being my natural colour.  It entirely depends on how it's styled and how the light catches it how noticeable the actual greys are but I like them anyway, they're more silver than grey and I never have to worry about roots again!  Not to mention the cash I'll save on the colouring.

So, here are some photos of before and after, it was hard to get the right angle/light to show the greys when taking them in the mirror but you get the idea!

I love my new do by Nicole at Kano.  They're so friendly in there, even after not having seen me for 9 months since my last cut, as soon as I walked in, she and Amy both smiled and greeted me warmly as usual.  It's always nice being recognised even if you're not a proper regular!  Amy's face was hilarious as she looked at my growing bump and asked, what's that!?  lol.  I also loved their reactions to the news of twins, I just love telling people and I love that people notice the bump now!  :)


Lisa-Marie said...

I am doing exactly this - growing out my roots, exposing the grey. I think grey in dark hair can look really nice. LOVE your bob.

Unknown said...

Fabulous new hairdo! I like how it's framing your face. Even without the color, you're still looking radiant as ever. It's nice to have a place where you can trust them to work some magic on your crowns. Thanks for sharing! Have a safe pregnancy, Bex!

Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshall's Folsom

Nita said...

I vividly remember reading your original post about 'embracing your greys' and being so impressed by your bravery, I was sure I'd commented at the time but apparently not! Just like you I've been going grey for years, I think I spotted my first ones just after graduating so about 24. I tried to ignore them but started feeling really self-conscious so gave in to the dye when I was about 27. Since then I've done all sorts- just slapping on black hair dye myself at home when I'm feeling skint, to having expensive professional hair colours. Right now for the first time my hairdresser has done reddish/coppery highlights for me and I LOVE them- but it's SOOOO expensive! Your hair looks absolutely brilliant and I am now wondering if I have the nerve to take a break from colour and let mine grow out too ;)

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