Tuesday, 6 August 2013

ODP The Second - Party Time!

We're being organised this year and letting you know about this nice and early!  Some of you who heard about plans at Amy's Wedding have even booked tickets already - we love organised people :)

The inaugural ODP crowd.

It was so much fun last year and we hope to repeat the success!  The plan this year is a little different - we don't like to be too predictable (Bex: other than my clear obsession with green, dragonflies and maxis!) and have some new ideas.  Obviously we have a hashtag again, this time use #ODP2 to create a buzz on Twitter and make us smile every time we see it :)

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We're really hoping as many of you can make it as possible so with plenty of notice, there's no excuse as tickets are cheaper and you can get us penned into busy calendars ;)  Not only that but you have plenty of time to organise your COSTUMES!!!!

Apparently I've always loved fancy dress!

Yes, costumes!  The Olive Dragonfly Party this year is going to be on Saturday, 2nd November.  And we're hosting a Halloween party!  There is no theme, just any fancy dress so get your thinking caps on, there will be prizes for the best costumes!!  You have 3 months to work on it so see what you can come up with!  If you need some inspiration, I recommend you check out Pinterest or Etsy!

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It's going to be awesome!  There will be Poison Punch, carved pumpkins, dookin' for apples, a piñatadecorations galore and all kinds of gruesome treats!

My Skeleton beer cooler and green Halloween Punch

Because some of you come from a long way away, you're welcome to join us on Friday night also.  We'll probably head out for dinner locally (maybe for tapas & sangria?) and cocktails on Friday.  Saturday's plan is yet to be decided but perhaps you'd like to see more of Glasgow?  There are loads of fab places to see here and we will organise something fun once we have an idea of numbers and we'll probably have a nice afternoon tea again if you fancy it?  Sunday morning we'll definitely have to do brunch again before you all head home!  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Obviously you don't have to come to all of it if you fancy joining us, even if you can only come to part of it, we'd still love to have you!  If you want to join in the fun this year, all you have to do is email olivedragonflybex@gmail.com and we'll put you on the list.  We will email everyone with details nearer the time.  So that we can make plans/bookings, we need you to contact us by October please.  (Edit: Also, forgot to say, if you'd like to and you think they can handle it ;) please invite your partners along to the party!  We'll be inviting ours and some local friends too, the more the merrier!)

Oh and last time, there was some mention on twitter of people being too shy to invite themselves.  Well, the thing is, you're all invited!  You just have to RSVP - easy!  ;)

Bex and Roz xx

P.S. Bex is over on AOW again today with another plan for a meet-up, this time with a twist - it's not just a party but an actual getaway!!  


Unknown said...

oooh can I come this time please?


Bex said...

Of course Laura!

Oh and I forgot to say, if you want to invite partners to the Halloween party too, they're more than welcome - the more the merrier! Nik will be there, unless he's on call - booo :( And B too hopefully! :)

Vikki said...

I would very much love to come and meet these fabulous ladies I hear so many lovely things about. Had it penciled in my diary when you mentioned the date in a previous post!!! Love Viks xxx

Frances said...

SOunds amazing - I would love to come but with impeccable timing I'll hopefully be on a plane to New Zealand for our honeymoon instead! Doh...

Crysta said...

If Corey's grandmother's party isn't scheduled for that weekend, I'm so in. I'm trying to see what's happening then, but not getting any firm answers, so I may be a last minute yes (by last minute I mean September). Is that ok?

Unknown said...

OOH, This is so tempting! However I will need to check that Mr B won't be organising something for my birthday that weekend - I am a true Halloween baby born on the 31st October! Will let you know but even if I don't make it then I think this (and #AOLholiday) is such a good idea and I bet so many people appreciate how you organise so much for us to join in with!

amy said...

I've potentially got a wedding that weekend so will have to try and find out and let you know.

ODP was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!

Also - poor Kirsty and Lara seem to have been decapitated in that photo!

aDizzyGirl said...

Yay! I was secretly hoping that this wouldn't be something too expensive as I have lots of hen weekends and weddings to go to in October/November. And it's not!

I am so in. and also have a spare bed (and 2 comfy sofas!) in case anyone needs somewhere to crash.

Fee said...

I think I'm busy but will let you know if anything changes before October! Xxx

Linsey said...

I'm in, love fancy dress!

Unknown said...

I do so wish I could come but one of my friends is getting married that weekend! Maybe I can make some of ODP3, there will be an ODP3 right?

Bex said...

Hooray! So glad so many of you are looking forward to this :) And Siobhan, I think there'll have to be an ODP3!

Glasgow foodie said...

This sounds fab, would love to join in :)

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