Monday, 15 September 2014

Maternity Shoot with Lauren McGlynn

by Bex

As you know, before we left Glasgow we managed to squeeze in a maternity photo shoot when Nik wasn't working.  On what turned out to be the only rainy evening of that particular couple of weeks, typical!!!  As we were paying for this shoot and I was really hoping for an amazing shot of us amongst the trees (a photo I always regretted not getting on our wedding day - we do have a screen grab from our wedding video which I love but it's not suitable for printing), I put in extra effort for this (our first family portrait!) session.  I booked Shannon (my wedding make-up artist and friend) to do my make-up and got my hair blow dried at my hairdresser, Kano.

You can imagine my distress when the rain started as soon as we arrived at the park causing my nice sleek bob to rapidly turn into frizz despite being prepared for 'light showers' with a brolly!  Ugh, light showers they were not!  Anyway, I had an emergency hairband so had to tie it back to prevent it ruining the photos for me as all I would see is frizz!  I wish I'd just had it put up with a gallon of hairspray instead.  Luckily Lauren is a photographic genius so I wasn't worried about the rain ruining the shots, just my hair!  All photos below by Lauren McGlynn Photography.

(Coats and brollies hidden just out of shot!  We were quite sheltered by the trees here.)

We still had a lot of fun wandering round the park and it gave us the opportunity to use my fab rainbow brolly (bought in case of rain on our wedding day and will go perfectly in our nursery where I plan to put one of the photos).

By the duck pond you can see just how much it was raining...

And my dress got soaked (especially at the bottom)...

But Nik kept making me laugh and Lauren kept working her magic...

And right at the end, the rain stopped and some beautiful light appeared as the sun was getting low in the sky...

A few more favourites as I just love so many...

Then it all got a bit too chilly and I was tired so we headed home :)

Thank you so much Lauren, we love the photos!  I'm having trouble choosing which ones to print!!

You can book a family portrait session like we did with Lauren for £200 which includes up to 2 hour photo shoot at a location of your choice and 50+ high resolution images with a personal use license.  This is not a sponsored post, I just love Lauren's work and highly recommend her!  

(I also prefer her way of pricing rather than a cheaper shoot and then expensive options to buy prints/canvases or super expensive options for digital images which I know some photographers/companies do.  If they're a good photographer and you love the photos, it could get really expensive that way!)


Unknown said...

Just beautiful Bex - a lovely reminder of a very special time x

Amanda said...

Bex I have been meaning to tell you that you truly are glowing. You look beautiful showing your precious bump, and your happiness is really shining through, from within, that is for sure.
Told you before, but we are really happy for you and Nik.
I hope you are feeling well.
Thinking of you often.

And Lauren's photos, are, as always, an epic kind of beautiful (she has a way of capturing the beauty of the scenery making the shoots look almost feerical).

Bex said...

Thanks Vivienne, it really is :) x

Thanks Amanda, we're doing well, getting the new house all ready bit by bit and looking forward to meeting our twins! Lauren's photos are certainly beautiful (not sure what feerical means?) and I love how she's captured the light and the greens in the park despite the dull evening!
:) x

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful and happy. Lauren is so talented. Everything about this is lovely.

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