Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My Super Duper Hen Night!!!

I could NOT wish for better bridesmaids! Really!  If I had organised the day myself I wouldn't have changed a thing, my bridesmaids are absolute stars!  The three of them did such an amazing job and put so much thought and effort into it, I was truly impressed and touched!

Anyway, here's what we did...

The day started off at my flat in Glasgow (which incidentally was also the venue for my bridesmaid Sarah's Hen Night when she lived here!!) – I was banished to the nail salon getting my colour pop coral nails done while they transformed the flat with amazing decorations, food, mini Cava bottles and some cheeky straws!  Claire managed to find dragonflies and butterflies along with cocktail themed fluffy bunting and balloons from Bonnypack, Flowerscene, TK Maxx and Hobbycraft.  She found the bargainous waterproof table cloth from the Cotton Print Factory where they just cut off how many meters you need for £8.95/meter.

After munching on all the delicious sweets, cakes and home-made canapés I was led to my decorated 'throne' in the living room where they had organised a surprise video interview with my fiancé earlier in the week!  I had to guess his answers and for each one I got wrong, Sarah blew on her special whistle and had a forfeit for me!  Unfortunately I ended up doing all but 2 of the dares for which I still blame Nik!  My future mother-in-law is still speaking to me though, luckily!!

They had also organised with all the girls to write a story about me or some wedding advice on a green piece of card they sent out with the invites and had made up a gorgeous photo album full of pictures of all the girls and what they had written about me - such a lovely thought and something I will treasure forever and keep adding to - especially the hen night pictures!  Vikki had also made a PowerPoint presentation of photos of me as a child and student which showed some surprising parallels!

After the flat, we headed to Abode hotel where we had a cocktail mixology class which went down very well - the whistle came with Sarah and more hilarity ensued as I was now rather tipsy so the dares were even funnier for everyone!  Me singing screeching 'Like a Virgin' while the bar man mixed up cocktails being one example!!!  We then had a delicious dinner in our private function room before heading out dancing (and more dares in the club!  Oh dear!)


I will absolutely never forget it and could not have wished for more thoughtful bridesmaids!  Sorry if I’ve rambled on too long!  Here are some pictures from the club...

Mum and MIL to be finding something amusing!

Me and 'The Mums!'

All I can say is thank you to all my girls for making it the best, most memorable day/night ever!!!  :D


Sasha said...

hey, just wondering, where did you get those tiny dicks on cava straws?

Bex said...

lol, I will ask my BMs and get back to you Sasha!

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