Saturday, 13 August 2011

Presents for my husband :)

I L.O.V.E. presents!  I particularly love buying and giving presents!  Which may explain why I went a little teenie bit overboard when looking for a lovely wedding prezzie for Nik, which I can now reveal...

And that wasn't all of them!  I also had two framed gifts for him already wrapped!  I had so many ideas that I've even kept one as an Anniversary present idea for next year!

So what was in the packages?...

Well I had been going on about wanting a 'little blue box' so much, I was hopeful one might appear on W-day so I thought it was only fair for him to get his own 'little blue box' too!  I initially bought these Green Jade Elsa Peretti cuff links from  Unfortunately when they arrived the looked a lot lighter than the picture due to be a natural stone, but they looked just like sweetie jelly beans!  As much as I love green, I just didn't like them so sent them back thinking I would just get the silver version instead as I did like the bean design.  I then found these black jade ones instead which I think are much more stylish and classy and not at all sweet-like!
He loves them :) and they looked great with his kilt outfit.

The 2nd one down is a pair of super soft olive green socks by Burlington which I also gave to his Dad and brother.  The plan was for them all to wear them (they would have looked fab with Nik's new patent leather black Kurt Geiger shoes and his dark grey Sherwani but that was not to be!)  His brother and Dad still wore theirs and I have a great memory of looking at Nik's Dad during the ceremony and him grinning and flashing his socks at me! :D

The next package is a pair of custom made black boxers from ebay saying Groom 03.07.11 in sparkling diamante writing on one leg :)  I also got his brother the Best Man version.  Reason being I didn't want them to miss out on the fun as I had a similar plan for us girls!  (More on that in another post!)

The next two packages were albums of photos I had taken specially for Nik.  I will do a blog post on that if he lets me ;)  One of the the two framed prezzies was also one of these pictures.

The other one was something I spent a few weeks making.  I began looking out for green bits of pages in magazines and catalogues at home and work (I even recruited everyone in the staff room!) and punched out lots of green hearts for the project.

My inspiration came from Not on the High Street but I wanted to make it myself which also made sure it was the right green and for it to be a bit different so I decided to make them into a big heart instead of a square.  Also, because they were from magazines with random colours on the back, I decided to stick them flat rather than have some folded.

Picture from

I first laid them all out only to discover I had rather a few too many so I picked the best ones and got to work one weekend while he was away!

A LOT of green hearts!

I then made them in to a nice symmetrical heart pattern...

Not good!  I then decided just to hand draw a pencil outline of a heart and fill it in...

I then thought it would look nice with one of the hearts replaced with one of our glittery dragonflies...

I had trouble finding a nice real wood frame in a square shape so I framed it in a simple white frame from Ikea.  I think we'll take it to get framed a bit nicer and smaller now though (too much to do at the time, Ikea is quick and easy!)

Screen Grab from our wedding highlights film

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Sasha said...

I can't believe you spent so much time on your presents for Nik! BTW, today I found by chance these wonderful dragonfly cufflinks on the Paul Smith's website[A]&utm_content=GIFTS&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Exacttarget

I thought I should share this link with you. Might be useful as a Christmas gift idea, although I'm not sure Nik likes dragonflies as much as you do, but there is also a chance that you wear shirts that require cufflinks as well:)))

Still reading, still excited,
Sasha from Russia :)

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