Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My dress :)

While I am waiting to put up our the fabby wedding and honeymoon pics - they will come eventually - I wanted to post these ones of my gorgeous dress!

Just LOVE that detail!

Since I love it SO much and it wasn't the cheapest option (although I did manage to save 25% by buying the sample!) I wanted to get as much wear and fabby photos out of it as possible before I get it cleaned and stored [for possible future gazing/wearing on down days ;) ]  I decided I would like some great fun photos to get the  most out of my dress as there simply wasn't time on our wedding day to spend so long posing ;)

So I contacted Victor Habbick to see if he would be interested in doing a photo shoot for me.  I knew of him via ePhotozine where I have a profile and learned a huge amount when I got started with my SLR camera back in 2004, via uploading pictures and going on meets with like-minded photographers (also how we met Matt at Rowardennan).  Victor is also a friend of my hairdresser and came highly recommended by her for some studio portraits.

A couple of weeks ago, I booked Contrast Studios in Glasgow and met Victor there and this time I wore my dress without the halter neck so I could wear it with the gorgeous Tiffany dragonfly necklace from my new in-laws!!  I also made my own bouquet since I didn't really like the one I had on the day.  I also did my own hair this time - so it was a bit boring, I just straightened it although it was nice to have something totally different to the wedding day style.  I did however want similar make up since it's my favourite and (I think) suits me so I asked Shannon who did my wedding make up but she was unavailable so recommended Jett from MAC who had done my make up for the boudoir photo shoot I did as a wedding surprise for Nik.

Sneak peek of the boudoir album!

So I turned up with a few props and my dress and veil on the day (and wellies of course!)  Late because of the make-up (despite getting up at 6.30 to be organised!) and also having a bit of trouble finding the place down the alleyway I was all flustered when I turned up but was greeted with a huge hug and a kiss!  Victor is LOVELY!  The whole 3 hours was great fun and resulted in some amazing shots!  I particularly wanted Victor to do some photos for me due to his amazing imagination and photo manipulation skills and he did not disappoint!  These are just a few of my favourites...

The bouquet I wish I had on W-day

Nik's favourite
3D Bride

I had so much fun and highly recommend it to any bride who loves her dress so much she wants to wear it again and have some more photos of it to treasure.  In fact, I might just have to do an outdoor Rock the Frock (Can't quite bear to Trash the Dress!) shoot next ;)


Sasha said...

Great idea, will use it when time comes:)
You are sooo beautiful!
The Nick's favourite and the 3D one are my favorite too!
In fact, all of them are fab!

Bex said...

Thanks Sasha (*Blushing*) :)

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