Saturday, 17 September 2011

Our fingerprint tree

So back to some more of our wedding details I am yet to blog about...

I loved the idea of having a 'guest book' you could hang on the wall AND that would work really well with our colour scheme! 

I saw this idea on Rock My Wedding and Not On The High Street but I contacted the company that draws them and they couldn't make us a bigger one to accommodate prints of all our guests.  

I am crap at drawing and Nik's not great either so we weren't sure who to ask.  I tried googling for basic tree outlines I could use but couldn't find anything that would work.  Nik then had the idea of asking his friend's wife, Helen who is an art teacher to draw one for us and she happily obliged!  In fact she was very enthusiastic about it and thought it was a great idea and asked what kind of tree we wanted and what kind of lettering, etc.  I sent her a the above images to show her what I meant and the kind of trees I liked...

I'm so glad we asked her as she did a great job and we have really liked having some of our friends and family involved in making our day.  This is what she came up with...

We added our own prints to the sample to demonstrate what to do and it was all laid out on a table with a few green ink pads my Mum brought over with her from her craft room!  Unfortunately most people didn't quite get it since the pads were leaf shaped, they just stamped the pad on the page and wrote their names on but in the end it looks pretty good with a mixture of leaves and fingerprint leaves - just not quite what I had in mind!  I think it was a case of once one person had done it, others did the same thing without seeing the sample.

Picture by Matt Wagster

Picture by Victor Habbick

Picture by Victor Habbick

Luckily people wrote their whole families round the large leaf shapes as they would never have all fit on otherwise!

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