Wednesday, 31 October 2012

ODP - The Report!

Well, where do I begin!?  Such a fun weekend was had and a huge thank you to all who made it!

Friday night saw Amy and I doing some last minute baking, followed accompanied by wine and lots of chat or should that be chat and lots of wine?  Oh, and a film - good old Finding Nemo - one of my all time favourites!

The next morning was a bit of a panic of timing the last minute bakes and I couldn't have done it without Amy (she made up all the rolls (which were baked by my wonderful hubby for the occasion!) with chicken, tuna and cheese and generally helped out/kept me calm), so thanks Amy!!  Everyone arrived so I popped the savoury bakes in (Yorkshires with roast beef & horseradish and sour cream & chive muffins with parma ham) as they're best hot!

Everyone arrived and the food was served...

I made the above mentioned savouries along with some of my old favourites...
Lemon & Blueberry drizzle cake
Oaties  with added dark choc chips
Cherry Cola chocolate cupcakes
Macadamia Nut Slice
and we had a cheese board with home-made chutneys and jams, oh and percy pigs ;)
We also had some very scrummy cherry brownies from Lara!  And of course, tea and fizz!

Obviously I had to wear my Olive Dragonfly apron! (For other outfits see here!)

We all got changed into our fluoro gear, puff skirts and tutus and headed off to the ROLLER DISCO!  A few others met us there and we had a fab time with much hilarity skating round to 70s, 80s & 90s music before being shown a few moves by the wonderful Siobhan (otherwise known as Penny version 2!) and trying to skate under an ever lowering bar!

It was SO much fun but hard work and we all went back to the flat to chill and have more fizz and nibbles.  Before we started getting ready for the night out, Roz instigated a mass trying on of my wedding dress and everyone had a turn!...

We eventually got ready and headed to Grill on the Corner for dinner and cocktails and then finished our night dancing away at the Shed!

Four of the ODPers stayed over at mine and after proper girly chat in PJs on my bed, we all had a good sleep and went out for brunch the morning after to recover!  It was super sunny and actually quite warm so we sat outside at Tribeca and enjoyed some major hangover food and drinks (oreo cookie milkshake for me)!

It was a huge success but people who couldn't make it were missed and there was even some chat on twitter about people not feeling they could invite themselves along - it was always supposed to be for anyone who wanted to come, you just had to tweet/email/comment to let me know!  Lara did and it was a pleasure to meet her as the only 'new' person, I was so excited when she emailed me!  So, what I'm getting at is... there will be another ODP and we want you all to come!  Sometime next year, we'll have a take 2 and I'm thinking there will have to be another Roller Disco!!  :D


amy said...

YAY for ODP!
Twas fabulously fun frolicking.
I call dibs on the study for the next one already.

Lara said...

As the "newbie" I have to say that everyone was wonderful to meet in "real life" and made me feel really welcome. You know how sometimes when you meet a group of people that know each other pretty well it ends up being a series of rehashed conversations and in-jokes that leave you feeling excluded? Well this was NOTHING like that. Seriously, see for yourself- ask for an invite to the next one. Go on, I dare you.

Also, am now seriously hungry remembering all the amazing food! I want a cherry cola cupcake and savoury muffins and crackers with cheese and steak with super crispy chips! Oh and pancakes with bacon and maple syrup! (In reality this would be a case of "eyes bigger than stomach" but luckily my virtual tummy can fit all that in no bother, yum) xx

Katielase said...

I am both jealous and now exceedingly hungry. I will DEFINITELY be at ODP Take II.

K x

Glasgow Mummy said...

Fantastic photographs. Gutted to have missed the roller disco, and all the cakes. Although I did manage to pinch a cherry cola cupcake and it was amazing! :-)

Mahj said...

So sorry that I'm only just commenting, but I couldnt let this pass without saying something.

I was lucky enough to meet both Bex and Roz at the Blen, but I know that even if I hadnt, we still would've got on like a house on fire at ODP. And it was so so lovely to meet Amy for the first time and my train station bud Lara!

I dont think I've ever felt as comfortable and hyperactive with a group of women than I have at ODP. It was awesome. And I am so there at ODP V.2.0!


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