Monday, 29 October 2012

#ODSS - The Olive Dragonfly Secret Santa!

You may have seen I had an idea on Twitter today and people seem to be keen to join in so it's officially a go!  I am going to organise a Twitter/Blog secret santa.  

I was thinking about it because Roz had asked me if I was going to sign up to the Christmas Curiosity Project again this year.  She knew I was rather diappointed last year.  I put a lot of time, love and effort into the box I made and sent but was a tiny bit disappointed with the reaction from my recipient.  Although they clearly liked it, the things they mentioned weren't the most thoughtful items and I had put a letter and my email address in the box to my unknown person (who also loved green) but I never heard from them - I was secretly hoping it might lead to another friend like all of you I've met in Twitterville!  Although, I admit, my disappointment may have been more to do with how excited I was before I sent it!

What I was most disappointed by was the box I received.  Without meaning to sound harsh, my box lacked any kind of curiosity or thought.  I received a very badly packaged box containing a damaged frame with a postcard of a biscuit and a bottle of flavoured whisky, oh and some chocolate coins.  I guess seeing all of the wonderful boxes appearing on line with so many cute little surprises and handmade items and thoughtful gifts tailored to the person's snippet of themselves provided made me too excited again.  Hubby is always telling me off for this as I do get myself so excited about things I'm looking forward to, it's easy to be disappointed if they don't live up to my imagination.

Anyway, this year I thought about joining in but with SO many contributors (some of whom might not really get it) and a budget of £20, I have decided not to.  What I did think would be nice is to arrange my own mini version and since I'm organising it, I will be more excited just to see what everyone sends and receives!

So, the idea is, email or DM me your email address if you want to join in.  I can then send out the addresses (and ask you for addresses!) to post your boxes to once I've drawn names.

The closing date for signing up will be 25th November 2012 so there's enough time for word to get out to anyone who wants to join in.  You then have up until Christmas to post your boxes to ensure they arrive in time.  You can open them whenever you like or save them until Christmas day!  If you want to send in a thank-you/photo of your box, I will post them all together in one post after Christmas!

The budget will be £10-ish but if you want to spend more, that's up to you, that way everyone can take part but we're not too limited!  (I don't like being stuck if I think of something perfect for someone that needs a little more, but a lot of us are on a tight budget so it's up to you!  I personally like home-made treats/trinkets anyway!)  I would suggest a maximum of £20 though.

We have 10 participants already!

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