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The twins' first birthday party plans - by Bex

It will come as no surprise that I am enjoying planning the twins' first birthday.  Neither will it be a surprise that I've turned to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.  I actually saw a lot of ideas when thinking about both my baby shower and the twins' naming day and kept them all on my Twin Party Ideas board.  Although we're keeping it simple with just cake, drinks and a few nibbles, it's a big deal for us to celebrate their very first birthday so I am going all out on a few details to make it special and the wonderful Amy (remember, the mermaid in the field!) is going to take some photos for us so that's one less thing I need to worry about on the day.

On their actual birthday, Wednesday the 11th, we've both taken the day off work (assuming I'll have started by then!!) and will celebrate just us four as a family.  My idea is to have a nice relaxed morning, opening presents from us then head out.  I think we'll probably go to Brighton to the aquarium as I'd love to see their reaction to the sea life, especially as there is an underwater tunnel there.  Another idea I heard from a local mum was to go to Pooh Corner since we live right next to Ashdown Forest (the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood) and let the babies have a crumpet with honey since they are allowed it once they turn one.  To be honest though, I think the aquarium will win as it's more of a day out and will be more photogenic!  We've booked Laura again for the final part of our bump to baby to one year shoot.  I'm hoping we can do the first hour here and the second hour in the aquarium but we might be better just having the two hours in Brighton with Laura.  Either way, I'm excited!

Anyway, back to the party planning, their party will be on the following Saturday and we've invited a few local friends and family.  None of my family can make it but lots of my southern friends (made through blogging), our neighbours and new friends with babies from around here are coming and my in-laws will be here, I think it's going to be a busy house!  I will make the living room the 'baby entertainment room' with the big paddling pool set up as a ball pit in place of the green chair (which will be relegated to the garage along with the coffee table to give us plenty of space), the rainbow play mat with a few toys and the dancing bear toy which is Kalybopper's current favourite, he gets so excited standing up dancing with the little bear, bless him!

As I said in the post about the invitations, there will be a rainbow theme/colour scheme and LOTS of balloons.  I have bought lots of lovely coloured balloons as seen in the picture on the invite and also have a couple of great fun foil balloons which I'll probably attach to their high chairs and some fab rainbow party hats for all the kids.  The twins' ones will be slightly customised to make them special.  (You might have seen them on my Instagram!)  I also want to make a teeny hat for the zebra I used in my Christmas display which I will have on the table with the cakes.

Probably Actually, via Pinterest

I'll be hanging the honeycomb decorations and rainbow bunting from the naming ceremony around the house and have bought some letter bunting to spell out happy birthday in the living room.  I've also made a giant 3D cardboard number 1 which I plan to jazz up somehow (hopefully with glitter!) to decorate either the living room or dining room and use as a photo prop.  Of course, we also need to utilise our chalkboard on the side of the fridge by making it into one of those awesome detail posters about each twin.  I've already bought the colourful chalk pens for this project, I just need to practice neat writing!

Birthday Chalkboard, via Etsy

I've been working on a slideshow of the babies' first year too and plan to have it on the TV in the background.  I'm going to print 100 of my most favourite of the pictures (I am having trouble choosing just 100!) to display as part of the decor too.

Wedding Chicks, via Pinterest

I will be making the birthday cakes myself and have already done one practice cake which I took to pop-in (I've still to try out a chocolate one but there will be a lemon and a plain sponge too).  They will have one cake each and a third cake with a 1 on it.  There can never be too much cake right??

As for their outfits, I've cut out some 1s from some gorgeous rainbow starry fabric to sew onto long sleeved vests.  Their bottom halves are still TBC.  ;)  (Since writing this post I have sewn them and made the mistake of thinking I knew what to do.  Having read a tutorial afterwards, I now know how I could have made them much neater and much more quickly!  I had a bit of bother with the sewing machine getting a bit jammed due to the soft fabrics - I needed some special needles and some iron on stuff to help during the stitching.  Oops.  They look good from a distance though!)

Starry fabric via Amazon

There's also a colourful pom pom project but I don't want to give away everything I have made until I have photos to share after the party.  I'm just waiting on some more hot glue sticks for my gun so I can finish it!!

One of my favourite things I've made is a garland of different coloured circles made from paint swatches I got WAY back in February 2013.  I always had it in mind that it might be good for a colourful nursery.  Now I've finally made it, it's being used as party decor before I find a permanent home for it - maybe in the playroom on the bookshelves.

I've made the party bags up for the children I already know are coming, I've just been filling them as we go to make sure I have the right number and it's one less big job nearer the time!

Party bags via Party Pieces

Hopefully it's going to look bright and colourful with a few personal details, be great fun and something to remember for years to come.  After all, there's only one very first birthday!

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