Monday, 2 January 2012

Our first married Christmas

So, after our little festive party, the rest of the in-laws and my own brother arrived on Christmas eve.  MIL and BIL were sent out with hubby to get the food while my FIL and I got crafty in the kitchen!  He helped me make a 2nd batch of mince pies using the leftover pastry (I had wrapped in the fridge) and then helped me stick together dozens of snowflake shapes my lovely Mum had sent me from Saudi.  She sent white, green and silver ones to go with my theme, in all different shapes and sizes for me to layer and stick together and we had great fun being creative while waiting for the others to get back.  I then banished him to the living room while I put some to use on a secret project, my Christmas crackers which you will see in the dinner post!  (Think I will save the 'making of' tutorial until next year since I ran out of time and it's not very useful now!)  The rest of the snowflakes were used to decorate the kitchen.

That evening we all headed out to a local restaurant, Cookie, and enjoyed an extremely nice 3 course meal.  I had crispy pork and apricot salad followed by Roast breast of chicken with mushroom risotto finished off with a delish apple crumble and cream, Y-U-M!!

MIL at Cookie
When we came back, I lit all the fireplace candles and insisted everyone get into their pyjamas for a surprise and I snuck (apparently not a real word!) off to the kitchen before taking orders for Hot Chocolates!  I surprised everyone with snowflake shaped marshmallows floating on top!

Christmas Eve, bulging stockings!
(Everyone loved their home-made stockings by the way!)
I had another surprise for everyone that night but you'll have to wait until the next post to find out what ;)

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