Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Foodies (and what I wore)

You may have noticed on the blog that Nik and I like love our food.  I follow a few food related peeps on twitter for recipes and inspiration on places to eat, etc. and recently spotted a giveaway by @GlasgowFoodie, all I had to do was tweet this.  And I only bloody won!  Amazing!

Nik and I were so excited!  The tickets were for the Sunday evening session so we booked an early lunch in Edinburgh and started planning all the things we wanted to taste at the festival!

Then this happened...

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The weather manages to spoil things again, but thank goodness for twitter alerting us it was cancelled in advance!

So instead of trekking all the way through to Edinburgh just for lunch, we cancelled that too and booked a Sunday Roast nearby.  What better on a rainy Sunday than a nice comforting roast!  We got our glad-rags on (another sure fire way to cheer myself up - get dressed up!) and off we went to Sherbrooke Castle.

It was very quiet in the dining room, just us and a family so there wasn't much of an atmosphere but we still enjoyed it.  The food was delicious, we booked the Roast menu which included a glass of wine and 2 courses for £12.95.  I had the lentil and parsnip soup followed by the roast sirloin.  Both courses were extremely tasty, just what the doctor ordered on a disappointing rainy Sunday!

The beef was so tender and very tasty - I would even go so far as to say it was the best sirloin I've ever had, even compared to a steak!

The view from the front of the hotel

What I wore...


Dress: New Look
Boots: Firetrap (old)
Coat: H&M (old)
Brooch: eBay
Bag: Kenya (gift from husband)
Beaded Necklace: Craft fair
Nails: Butter London & Filthy Gorgeous

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Unknown said...

I wasn't sure if you had tickets as I was thinking of tweeting you that loads of Edinburgh restaurants had special deals on for people who had tickets. I should have - but it seems you had fun anyway (I may follow several Edinburgh restaurants on twitter).

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