Thursday, 31 March 2016

Reflections - Easter fun by Bex

Over the Easter weekend we also went to visit Dadaji & Ma so the twins had a lot of fun with all of their grandparents at once!  I also had a lot of fun taking more photos and discovered that their kitchen table is very reflective with the right light and angle.  I love these photos :)

Kalyan was in a great mood, all the smiles which is quite rare before he's eaten in the morning.  And when the porridge arrived he was even more delighted.

And of course, Priya was hungry too and as usual took advantage of having a twin - extras!  Why have one spoon when you can have two?!


They were both giving me all the smiles and suddenly K turned to Daddy and gave him this look, hilarious!

P.S.  Priya's chosen title for this post:

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