Friday, 13 April 2012

Pop of Pink

I wanted a statement ring to wear with my emerald green maxi dress for my brother-in-law's wedding in May.  I initially thought I would go for this Swarovski chunky crystal ring I spotted back in February...

I could just picture it on my finger holding my new clutch.

I couple of weeks ago, however, I started thinking it might be nice to have a dash of another colour added into the mix with the gold, green and black.  Hot pink.  Cue the search for a dark pink bling ring - not quite so easy to find as it turned out!

I found a few on Etsy but Nik hated them all and I wasn't sure...

Pink Druzy Ring, Etsy

Pink Druzy Ring, Etsy
Pink Sea Jasper Ring, Etsy

Fuchsia Druzy Ring, Etsy

And I also considered stacking rings including these...

Tourmaline Ring, Etsy

Green Topaz Ring, Etsy

Gold Heart Ring, Etsy

Pink Tourmaline Ring, Etsy

But I really wanted more of a big statement ring.  I also love this but it's too expensive and according to the description not pink but red in real life...

Antique Ruby Ring, Etsy

I went into town today to see if I could find anything suitable and as luck would have it, in House of Fraser I found the perfect ring!!

It's got the right colour of pink I was after AND the exact shade of emerald green of the dress!  It's a statement without being OTT and is adjustable so can be worn on any finger.  :)  It is from a designer called Jewel Ever and made from pink and green agate and gold plated brass and was a bargainous £37.50 (when compared with the £130 Swarovski).  They are not selling on-line yet, only in selected HoF stores and on QVC.  The whole collection in HoF was lovely, I could have easily purchased at least 3 rings!!


Ling said...

Yay, what a great find :)

Unknown said...

It could not be more perfect.

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