Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What Bex is wearing to the wedding in the woods!! ;)

I had planned on making my dress out of the dragonfly fabric I printed by now but sadly life has intervened and I haven't had the time, courage (I'm scared I'll mess it up!) or inclination to do it yet!

What's a stressed out girl to do?  Go shopping!  A bit of retail therapy was in order this week and I found a couple of dresses I like.  I think my mind is pretty much made up but feel free to give me your opinions below!  (I'll see if you all pick the same one as me!)  Nothing like leaving it to the last minute, eh?!

Option 1 - red flared wrap dress, black wedges/wellies, leopard print belt, beige & red clutch, gold accessories.  (Also the dress is called Bella so the lovely Bella shall be even more there in spirit!  Oh and I wish I had that gorgeous Astley Clarke dragonfly pendant!)

Red dress

Option 2 - olive green maxi dress, black wedges/wellies, gold necklace (long to dress it down a bit and make it more festivally - does it all look too bridesmaidy?  Any other ideas to make it more casual?), peridot ring, black clutch, possibly cute crystal headband I bought last week to hippy it up a bit since this is Amy's wedding! :)

Green Maxi outfit

Option 3 - Black & white stripe dress (I haven't received this yet and actually don't think the skirt shape will suit me but I LOVE IT so want to try it on and none of the stores here have it in stock!), black wedges/wellies, silver accessories, red clutch (don't have this either and the one I've chosen on polyvore is just me dreaming!).  I think this one might be a bit too smart for a woodland wedding?

Stripe wedding outfit

Phase Eight wrap dress / Hunter fitness shoes / Oscar de la Renta , £1,040 / Tiffany & Co. pendant jewelry

Incidentally I haven't got black wellies yet either so if anyone can lend me a size 7 or 8 please let me know!  I will probably be hunting down a pair in town tonight as I am actually working this Thursday for once, typical.  (And they're not my wedges, mine were Topshop ones I got for £5 off ebay when I was a student but they're similar-ish!)

So, what do you think?  Which option do you like best??


Ashleigh @ Made in Morningside said...

I like the first one best, but they are all gorgeous xoxo

Scotkat said...

Bex the 1st one is fantasic.

Have a great time.

Scotkat said...

Bex the 1st one is fantastic.

Have a great time.

Unknown said...

I love all three but I think the second one is my favourite. With the red dress a close second and the black and white one a very close third!!

AnneeApple said...

I'm thinking the second one is so you! The other two are gorgeous too. I love the clutch bag on second one x

Amanda said...

I am with Caroline and Annee, the second one, so so you. Super pretty, appropriate :) Perfect!

I also like the red dress, but personally I do not like red + black (I would do red + old gold accessories (not shiny gold, opaque / beige) or maybe color clash it with orange or pink).

Let us know what you choose :)

thankfifi said...

I'm rather a fan of the olive dress but not sure about a maxi with wellies - I'm kind of part of the school of thought that wellies should be seen not hidden


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