Friday, 29 April 2016

Pizza Cucina Van - review by Bex

In complete contrast to this week's posts, I recently discovered there is a "Pizza Van" which visits Buxted every Thursday.  I heard it was pretty good and thought we should give it a try as we love pizza and it's very close by.  Nik was a bit dubious about a pizza van producing good pizza but I reassured him a couple of my new local friends had recommended it and I checked it out one day and saw it had a proper wood fired pizza oven on board!

A few weeks ago we finally sampled the pizzas and I could see it becoming a regular Thursday dinner!  They were the best pizzas we've had in a long time.  Very cheesy, delicious and reasonably priced too!  The fact it's close by means they're still hot when we get them home too.  We had another last week before I started my new plan, they're SO good!

Nik ordered the pepperoni (£7.50) and I made up my own topping with chicken, artichokes and pesto (£9.00).  

What we didn't expect was a couple of trips!  I checked the top box when I collected them but when I got back - only one pizza!!!  Oops!

I obviously called them immediately and explained and they found the other one in the van, they'd just given me the wrong box.  They apologised and asked if I could return for it.  As mine was there, Nik went back for his so mine didn't get cold.  They were very good and gave him a refund so we got his pizza free.  It was cold by the time he got home so he had to pop his in the oven but he loved it once he actually got to eat it!

 Despite the little mix up, we really loved the Pizza Cucina Van and will be using it again.  They were very friendly, nearby, have good customer service and seriously yummy pizzas!  We will be regular customers.

Olive Dragonfly Rating - Pizza Cucina Van
Food - 10/10
Atmosphere - n/a
Service - 9/10
Overall - 9.5/10

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