Monday, 25 April 2016

The Body Coach 90 Day Shift Shape & Sustain Plan - Weight Loss by Bex

A few things have been getting me a little down recently, mostly regarding lack of meaningful friendships, loss of old friendships and how I'm worried I am failing at being a friend since having the twins.  I wrote a blog post about it and then decided it probably made me sound a bit paranoid (maybe I am) and all woe-is-me.  It remains unpublished for now but the main thing getting me down was to do with the friends where I feel I have tried to make an effort only to be repeatedly left hanging and feeling left out.  (I do want to emphasise these are not the friends who I've made arrangements to see and one or both of us has had to cancel or postpone!  We all have busier lives these days with families to care for and so many things crop up, I'm not unrealistic!)

One of the main points though is that I'm choosing to change things to try to be happier.  I've decided that to be happy, I need to let go and accept that certain people just don't want to be a part of my life.  It's difficult moving so far away from my home and friends at a time when so much in life changed, trying to make a new life from scratch with two babies in tow.  I need to focus my efforts on my family, making new local friends and myself.  One of the big changes I am making is sorting out my body now that I've (mostly) claimed it back from the twins!  I am so bored of wearing the same old big baggy things and miss my old clothes.  I need to get back in shape with the added bonus of hopefully getting fitter and being less tired!  Especially now we're coming into summer, it would be nice to feel good about myself again and to have more energy for playing and running around with the twins!

I've been thinking about signing up to the Body Coach 90 day Shift, Shape and Sustain plan for a few months since I saw someone I know on instagram start it and discovered Joe's page.  The transformations are really inspirational and although I know it'll be hard work, especially with the time I'll need to dedicate to prepping food and fitting in workouts (although they are shorter intense ones luckily) around the twins, I feel like I'm ready to work hard and make the changes.  I took the plunge and signed up because I get it.  The plan makes sense to me and isn't a diet, there is plenty of food involved and all the sorts of food I like to eat so I hope I find it easy enough to stick to.

I have read a few reviews of the plan online and found mixed opinions.  The negative ones I found were both from people with good levels of fitness already who wanted to tone more.  They didn't notice any dramatic results and missed their usual exercise (running, etc) and food.  As I currently have a terrible level of fitness with next to no exercise for 18 months, fairly healthy eating but with too many naughty treats and hardly any water and have no energy, I think (and hope) I will notice a big difference.  There's not quite as much explanation of the theory behind the plan as I hoped (enabling me to learn more about what foods to eat when and sustain it after) but I guess this might come in cycle 3.  I suppose he doesn't want to give too much away either since first and foremost, this is his business and he doesn't want everyone copying his principles.  I'd read about how much reading is involved when you get the plan but to be honest, I didn't find it to be that much, nor too taxing.  The majority of my 99 page Cycle 1 PDF is recipes.  I've chosen my favourites and printed them off as well as my list of supplements and when to take them.

I have been getting organised behind the scenes, deciding which recipes I want to eat and when, cooking them, making and portioning out my snacks for the week and sorting out my supplements.  One of the things I wondered about before signing up was how much extra it was going to cost on top of the cost of the plan itself.  The additional supplements (protein shakes and vitamins, etc) are optional but I figure if I'm committing to this plan, I may as well do it as fully as possible and again, the theory behind it makes sense to me.  I spent £72 on the tablets and powders I was recommended to buy (and that was with 40% off!) and I've spent more on food of course as the protein content (i.e. met and fish) is much higher than before.  I can't give you a direct comparison as we never regularly bought the same foods from the same places anyway so I don't know how much higher it is.  Oh, and I also got a discount code by signing up for Joe's free 14 days of tips!

I started today, wish me luck!  I'll share more soon regarding my starting weight, measurements and my first thoughts on the food and exercise.  I'll let you know how I get on!!


Lynky said...

Way to go! Good luck, glad to hear you have finally started the plan. I know you can stick with it so here's to a new you in the summer, now that I can actually toast you! Love you lots. xx

Claire said...

Good luck lovely! Sounds like you are going into it totally prepared and ready to kick that new body into shape. I'll be willing you on from up here. You've got this lovely xx

Shutters And Letters said...

Change is hard and you had a lot all at the same time. For what it's worth, I really admire how you have thrown yourself into the double whammy of parenthood and relocation.
I've heard really good things about Joe Wicks and the plan from a friend who is doing it, she found it really kickstarted her exercising although I haven't seen any before or after pics. I hope you enjoy it!

Gemma xx said...

I think all of us have times where we can be a bit paranoid about friends and because we see so much on social media, often out of context, it's easy to feel like we just don't stack up. But you're a lovely friend and you've done such an incredible job of becoming a mum and moving across the country and staying your lovely cheerful self all through it - take it easy on yourself and remember you'll always have friends who have your back xx

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