Friday, 22 April 2016

The best bits - part 5

I can't believe the twins are now 17 months!  Almost 1 and a half!!!  Time is passing so quickly and there are changes ALL the time at the moment.  They are learning so many things daily and I'm constantly in awe of them.

Here's my latest list of favourite moments:

The cuddles - these are different now - not just given by me but given to me as well.  I just love it when they coorie in to me.

The way they walk - I love listening to their little footsteps and watching them plod plod plod super fast now.

Holding hands, Priya's little fingers wrapped round my finger, god I love it!

Birds and horses - they both love to stand on the windowsill (with me right behind them of course, and there's the sideboard to catch them if they both fell at once!) and look at the horses and birds - constantly pointing in wonder at the world.

Priya is obsessed with bird spotting, she frequently shouts "Bou" (bird) while pointing at birds, in the sky, on the power lines, in the trees, in the field...

Kalyan still loves balloons.  As ever, he is delighted whenever there is a balloon nearby.  Granny and Grampy bought him a new foil helium monkey one recently (the rainbow one from his birthday is STILL going strong, although has finally sunk!) and he loves it.

Words!  Actual words (if you know the context anyway)!

Priya - Bird, Ta Ta Ta (she doesn't say it just once!), Bubbles, Mama, Dada, Yaya (Kalyan).  She started off with the most words but K has fast overtaken!

Kalyan - More, Mama, Dada, Balloon (this is really just Buh), Bebe Bebe (while pointing at the TV = Cbeebies please), Ball, Bowl, Ta, Bird, Yes, Cake, Dirty.
His best and most common word is "More".  Mor Mor Mor, he reminds me of the seagulls from Finding Nemo with their Mine Mine Mine!

Priya showing off her belly!  Ask her where her belly is and she will find the edge of her top, pull it up and reveal her beautiful round belly while patting it proudly!  She loves it if this then turns into a tickle monster escapade!  Major giggles :)  She also loves to search for other people's bellies, particularly Kalyan's or Grampy's.

Spinning - they both love to spin round and round, either standing and then falling down or being picked up and swung.  Again, lots of giggles and so much fun!

There are lots of giggles these days.  I absolutely LOVE it!

Bouncing on the bed - again, they love this and there are again lots of giggles.

Bathtime!  Still a favourite!

Since we bought them their own little table and chairs, they love to sit there for colouring, eating or watching CBeebies.  I love how Priya sits there with her ankles crossed.  They also love playing with their new tea set.

Priya nods her head complete with mouth action.  Her mouth opens and shuts in time with the nodding like she's saying yes, yes, yes but no sound comes out.

Eating yoghurt.  They still love yoghurt and when feeding themselves this becomes quite messy but they clearly love it, licking the spoons and getting it all over their faces.  (Also, feeding each other!)

K running and shrieking when excited.  He also has a happy dance where he jiggles on his feet, little happy stamps with arms to match and a wobbly happy head.  He does this particularly when asking for something and we confirm we've understood him.

P tidying, she loves to pick things up and put them away, into boxes, containers or hand them to me.  They both love to help emptying the dishwasher too, passing up the cutlery one by one.  She'll also take shoes and put them on the door mat if she finds them out of place.

P following instructions - she's so clever and understands SO much, I'm often amazed at what she's picking up already.

K's gobbledegook - constant in evenings

Emptying the dishwasher - still a favourite thing to do!

Generally being funny!


Still loving books, they both love to choose books for anyone to read to them.

Roly poly twins.  This usually happens after dinner in the evenings.  They both lay on the floor and we say roly poly, they'll roll about, usually crashing into each other which they find hilarious and often end up cuddling.  Heart melting!!

K sweeping - so much joy!  He is absolutely OBSESSED with sweeping, inside and out.  I'll never forget the look on his face when I presented him with his very own mini sweeping brush and mop.  I was far too excited to give it to him after a rare lone shopping trip out while the twins stayed home with Granny and Grampy so I didn't get a photo but I took a few just after.

When you understand Kalyan - he gets so frustrated if you don't understand what he's after but when you do you get happy little dances and shrieks of happiness!

Priya's big grins (particularly when you greet her).

Kalyan's cheesy grins when he's just really really happy.


Priya waving from her cot when Daddy puts her to bed.  Nik left the room recently and said goodnight and she just raised her arm up over the side and waved.  They're very good at lying down when Daddy asks them to "lie down and go to sleep", usually before standing up again after and "chatting" to each other while we listen on the monitor!

Priya strolling with her hands behind her back.  This is a funny one, she looks like an old style copper on the beat, strolling around holding her hands at her lower back.  I've yet to capture this on video or photo sadly!

When they go on tip toes.

I know there's food up there!

Priya waves at the TV when a program on CBeebies starts or finishes.  I don't say anything, she just hears the music and waves hello or goodbye!  So cute.

She also has a hand gesture for when something is finished or "all gone", no idea where she picked it up from but she twists her hand round and round.  She also does something similar when we ask her where Kalyan is if she can't see him.  She just holds her hands up shrugging.

Their bond.  This is developing more and more as they get older.  It's so sweet when one of them is crying and the other is all concerned, often going over to offer something or just pat the other.  This is usually Priya offering consolation to Kalyan.  It is also usually her who upsets him in the first place by taking something but if he cries she usually gives it back (or offers an alternative, i.e. a smaller piece of whatever food they have, sneaky girl that she is!)

They also now hold hands if I ask them to and they're all happy about it before Kalyan quickly gets fed up of being tethered to his sister and breaks free!

Their cheeky looks and funny faces.

It was a sour orange!

And just how beautiful they are!

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Lynky said...

What a lovely update on the twins. They are so funny, beautiful, endearing and captivating all at the same time. But then I am slightly biased! Love you all. Granny hugs xxxx

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