Friday, 7 December 2012

Kabuki, Madrid - a review

I mentioned that we went out for a special birthday meal while we were in Madrid.  I had read about a fancy sushi restaurant on Nik's Tripadvisor app and we went in search of it for lunch.  When looking at the menu, we realised just how special (read: expensive) it was so decided to book for dinner instead and make it a special occasion for my 30th.

It was AMAZING!  We decided when booking that we'd go for the set menu as it seemed like a good selection and knowing us, if left to choose individual sushi dishes the bill would end up much higher!!

We were a little concerned at first after being seated and left without menus or drinks for about 10 minutes!  However, the service then shone and we were brought water and a bowl with fruit served on ice and a little amuse buche of tuna in sesame oil.

The first course wasn't what we expected at all!  We had expected fish tempura which was what we got but they were teenie tiny fish which were to be dipped into 3 different flavoured salts (herb, pepper and mustard I think!?)

They did look quite scary but we ate them and they were admittedly yummy!  We also decided to share a bottle of Cava with the rest of the meal.

That was followed with the first of our thin sliced sashimi, each with a different sauce/powder flavouring and strict instructions not to dip in our soy!

with garlic chips, sichimi powder and soy

with liver oil and soy

fatty tuna with tomato, breadcrumbs and soy
We then had the stew of the day which was a lentil style broth with a tiny potato and a mushroom and 3 more pieces of sashimi on the side with wasabi.  Also delicious!

Next came a strange combination of spicy sashimi tuna chopped up with a fried egg and potatoes, surprisingly yummy!

The salad of the day was actually a few leaves (with a scrummy dressing) with prawns deep-fried in cornflakes!  They were covered with a katsu style sauce.

We then received our sushi selection which was fabulous - tuna nigiri, one with a blow-torched sugar glaze!  Again, worked surprisingly well!

We were surprised to get another plate of sushi before the next course and it was another unusual one but absolutely delicious!  This time, one fish nigiri with a truffle paste, one mini burger(!) nigiri and one fried quail's egg nigiri, also with the truffle topping - this was actually one of our favourites!

Then the next tick off my facebook food list!  Wagyu beef (well the list says kobe beef but I'm pretty sure it's close enough according to wikipedia)!  This was a Teriyaki Wagyu oxtail which we were shown before our waiter took it away to shred and place on a new plate with pak choi...

The banquet was finished off with a lovely yuzu (citrus) jelly, decorated with raspberries and gorgeous vanilla crusted pumpkin seeds.

Nik opted for the green tea and I had a 'cafe con leche'...

We'd highly recommend it if you want to splash out while in Madrid!

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