Monday, 17 December 2012

London in December!

Last weekend, Roz and I went down to London to stay with Gemma and have a girly weekend of fun! The fun started at the airport when Roz bought a mini muff (muffaletta if you will) sandwich.  We were then delighted on the flight to be given extra bottles of wine and when losing some during the worst turbulence I've ever experienced, even more wine ;)

I painted my nails at Gemma's with my new Sephora nail polish I bought in Madrid and added a splash of my new glitter OPI freebie at the airport with a voucher!

We started off on Friday with a trip to Oxford Street to meet Anna for a spot of shopping and picked up a few bargains in GAP and Forever 21 (a shop which I believe is opening it's first in Scotland in Glasgow next spring, yay!)

I LOVE the star print skinny jeans and sparkly grey necklace the best...

Source: via Bex on Pinterest

Source: via Bex on Pinterest

We then had to rush off for a fancy lunch Roz booked with a great deal, we got 3 courses and an aperitif for £35 in Michelin starred restaurant Hibiscus but when we arrived there was the option to upgrade to £49.50 to include coffee, petit fours and half a carafe of wine each which we decided to indulge in :)  It was well worth it!

We both chose the same things from the set lunch menu and loved every course!  It was the perfect decadent lunch to kick start our Christmas-time London adventure.

The canapes were melt in the mouth cheesy bites and the amuse bouche was served in an eggshell and made to look like an egg with yolk (I can't remember what was actually in it but it was delicious!)

The starter was a super tender hot hare terrine with fois gras and leek.

Followed by cod with wild mushroom orzo which all just melted in the mouth and was so full of flavour.

Dessert was sweet potato cheesecake which was served de-constructed and I thoroughly enjoyed it but Roz wasn't so keen.

the petit fours however delighted us both - bubbly melty chocolate blocks and the most delicious Madeleines - cranberry, coconut and black pepper flavours!

We found the wine cellar when we went downstairs to the toilet -
don't worry they were safe from Roz behind glass!  ;)

We then went for a wander round to Liberty which was just at the end of the road on Regent Street and I spotted a gorgeous bag in Furla on the way!  SUCH a gorgeous colour, this and the tote version are now on my ultimate wish list on Pinterest!

coveting the luscious wallpapers!

We then walked back up Bond Street for a bit more shopping before meeting Gemma and heading to Opium (as recommended by Zoe) for drinks and a bite to eat before the theatre.  It was just as well we'd looked it up as it wasn't easy to spot - just a small brass plaque next to a stunning teal door.

The bar was up two flights of stairs and Vietnamese style with cute little china cups as tea-light holders on the tables.

Dim Sum

We then made our way to the Cambridge Theatre to see Matilda.  It was absolutely amazing and SO funny!  The young cast was so talented although it was difficult to hear some lyrics and lines at some points.  The set was fantastic and really nodded to the literary element of the story.

Miss Trunchbull was played by David Leonard and was by far the funniest character!

Image Source

Image Source

So that was Friday, I'll have to start another post about Saturday as we had even more fun that day and this one is already choc-a-bloc with photos!  ;)


Peridot said...

Slightly disappointed that a muffaletta wasn't a small furry hand warmer!

Great nails as ever - how often do you paint them?! They always look intimidatingly good!

Bex said...


Thanks, it varies, usually just for occasions and some weekends, I find having a remover pen helps for messy edges on my right hand!

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