Tuesday, 18 December 2012

London Part 2

Saturday was spent doing even more fun activities!  We started off at the V&A for the amazing Ballgowns exhibit in the morning.  The three of us went (via the burger stand en route for a bacon roll!) and met Roz's friend, Clare, at the museum.

A little amusing side-story...
On the busy tube to Kensington, I sat on Roz's knee for part of the journey and as the train moved, I fell backwards and put my hand on one of her knees to steady myself, before realising I was sitting on both of her knees and frantically apologising to the guy sat next to her!  Oops, accidentally felt up a random man on the tube!  Luckily, of all the men who's knee I could have accidentally clutched, he was rather cute and didn't seem to mind.  I took a "picture of Roz" when I switched seats at the next stop to prove it!  Hehe...

I was mortified at the time though, especially when the girls asked me why I'd gone so red, which made me go even more red and start giggling and Roz apologised to him again!  lol

The dresses were beautiful and included some famous styles worn by the likes of Beyonce.  We each picked our favourite and mine was a large tired dress.  There were also some older styles including an outfit worn by Diana.  Some dress were even older in the surrounding fashion exhibit as well.

We then went in search of the amazing jewellery room, so many sparkly gems!...

Roz and I then headed to Beas of Bloomsbury by St Paul's for afternoon tea with friends of hers, they are all so lovely and we had a great time tucking into the huge scones, cupcakes and other treats and some delicious sandwiches, all washed down with tea/coffee and a glass of Moet.  Yum!

We then had to rush home to get ready for our big night out with some of the fab London AOW girlies, Anna, Amy and Katie!

Cue glasses of fizz and a frantic change, we hardly had time to finish our 2nd bottle of fizz so R suggested plastic cups for the train!  Sorted :D

Gems borrowed my bracelets
We were a little late but met the girls at Cubana and they'd already sorted us out with two jugs of Mojito during happy hour!  We had a proper catch up and good old gossip about all our lives, it was so much fun!

The food was super quick and so delicious, I had the slow roast pork which came with rice, plantain and black beans - SO GOOD!

Turns out the Margarita wasn't as tasty as the Mojito though...

We kinda had a mini pub crawl after that along the same road, indulging in Mulled wine (eventually) in the first bar, with the world's most horrible barmaid who refused to serve us as we 'weren't paying attention'!!

Mojitos and mulled wine do result in me taking a million pictures of myself with everyone of course...

 The next place was better and we got a bigger table but Roz was a little disappointed with her 'thimble' of wine!
lol, sulky Roz with miniature wine!

We then walked past The Old Vic and some lovely Christmas lights and across a bridge where I decided I should get my outfit picture in the freezing cold wind!!

Amy, my fab coat holder joined in too ;)

Heading home a little bleary eyed after a very long day on the tube
... and the bus

Late night snacking hit a new high with Gemma's pre-made barley turkey risotto, SO yummy!  She also made us the best day after breakfast!

The next day Gemma, Roz, R and I all headed to my favourite market, Spitalfields for some lunch and shopping.  Followed by a walk up Brick Lane before heading home to fetch our bags for the flight home (which incidentally was the worst flight ever as it was freezing cold - I had to actually put my scarf on when we boarded - then roasting hot, then freezing cold again for pretty much the rest of the way home, which actually worked out OK since I had to use my scarf to avoid the smell of vomit after a woman two seats over threw up half way home, then a blast of jet fuel fumes through the cabin just after we landed.  Not.  Fun.)

We had the most amazing jam-packed, fun-filled weekend away though and I am missing everyone already!  We'll definitely have to do it again!  Maybe we'll have to wait for R to recover from having us come to stay though.  ;)


amy said...

I think I have the OD pose nailed! :)

Unknown said...

Super duper jealous!

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