Thursday, 6 December 2012

Madrid - What I wore, the daytime edition!

So, those of you who follow me on twitter will know, I was told one hour before our flight from Heathrow (Nik had lots of assistance in keeping secrets from BA staff!) that we were off to Madrid!  Very exciting and we had an amazing time!  I've only been to Spain once before as my first ever holiday without my parents (not including T in the Park!) but that was very different, 4 of us staying in a villa near a beach.

This was a lovely metropolitan break which mostly revolved around, eating, walking and more eating!  (Mahj you will be very happy with some of my posts following soon!)  I did my nails in this fab blue OPI colour my MIL gave me with a dash of pink and blue glitter...

I had been warned that the temperature would be a bit warmer than here but still cold so I took Autumn style outfits.  I stuck to a palette of blues, pinks and jade colours which also tied in with my scarf.  Here are a few of my favourite day time outfits...

My travel outfits, I like to look glam (especially as we used our air miles again and went business class) but still be comfy!...

Pink skinny jeans, skull T-shirt layered over long-sleeved black top with my diamant√© necklace, black blazer and black boots...

And the same jeans with brown boots, socks, stripy jumper and black blazer...

An exploring outfit - my cosy ombre Christmas jumper with blazer, scarf and black skinny jeans (with added earmuffs on that day as it was colder...


My grey dress worn with pink tights (admittedly you can hardly see either here), mac, scarf and black boots for a walk round Retiro park...

I seriously love this scarf!
Super soft, cosy and amazing colours!

And another exploring outfit - jade dress, brown boots, socks, scarf and mac...

Blazer - Primark (£22)
Jade dress - Monsoon (£55 - 20%)
Grey dress - Planet (£89)
Ombre jumper - Primark (mens) (£15)
Stripy jumper - M&S (£30)
Skull T-shirt - Primark (£3)
Long-sleeved T - Primark (£3.50)
Pink Skinny Jeans - M&S (£25)
Black Skinny Jeans - M&S (£29.50)
Boot socks - M&S (£9.50)
Pink tights - United colours of Benetton (£)
Brown boots - Office (£100)
Black boots - Next (£85)
Scarf - M&S (£25)
Mac - Ben Di Lisi at Principles, Debenhams (£85)
Aztec travel bag - Primark (£12)
Diamant√© necklace - Zara (£19.99)
Earmuffs - John Lewis (£)

You can see links to most of these items (and more of my wardrobe) on my Pinterest board here.

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