Monday, 24 December 2012

When Pinterest works

So, I spend waaaay too much time on Pinterest, it's far too addictive, but sometimes I do actually put it to good use.

Other than using it to document my wardrobe (handy when putting together outfit posts) I have pins to inspire my outfits, things I want to make, home inspiration and stuff that makes me laugh.  I've also used it this year for my Christmas wish list and to pin potential presents for others.  It's SO handy and my in-laws were grateful to be sent a list (complete with easy links) although they never did send me one back!  Luckily I'm good at shopping and quietly confident that my gifts for them will be loved!

My Christmas pin board has recipes, decorating ideas, drinks, gift ideas and tutorials.  Last year I used to it to inspire my mantel and tablescape, this year I have saved a few recipes I plan to use, including this one for santa hat brownies!...

Mine aren't quite as perfect of course but I am pretty pleased with the result and they went down a treat on the last full day at work on Friday!

1 comment:

Peridot said...

Those are sooo cute I had to do a happy little jig! I bet your colleagues LOVE you.

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