Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a lovely day today with your loved ones and if you can't be with them, there's always Skype!  We Skype with my parents every year and this year are doing it on boxing day as that's when my brother's dropping by.

I really love Christmas trees covered in lights!!
On Christmas day this year it's just Nik, myself and his parents which will be lovely and we're having roast rib of beef for Christmas dinner!  I'll be sure to blog pics later in the week!!

Yesterday I was working in the morning (manic for the first 2 hours then bored!) and spent all afternoon making things in the kitchen with my trusty dragonfly apron on.  I made spicy parsnip soup for last night's dinner which went down a storm (adapted from Jamie Oliver recipe here) after another baked Camembert - devoured by MIL ;)  I also baked a chocolate gingerbread cake with dark chocolate and ginger wine ganache and some of the mince pies that went down so well last year with orange pastry.

My new tradition also went down well, a big box filled with new Christmas themed Pyjamas for us all (I got myself Christmas Reindeer pants since I already had some old snowflake jammies but I wanted to wear my new check ones with my 'love' top) along with a Christmas film and popcorn.  I got my mother-in-law a star print onesie and it was so worth it for the look on her face and the squeal when she saw it.

Roz also gave me something to put in the Christmas Eve box - a card and a small gift which turned out to be a Christmas Eve Yankee candle (smells lovely!) and a gorgeous message which is such a lovely idea!...

I've sent a message to my parents who are over in Saudi Arabia.

I also made spiced hot chocolate with orange (all the flavours including cayenne pepper for a bit of a kick infused into the milk which was then added to the dark chocolate to melt it before being served) - so yummy!

Cinnamon, cloves, orange zest and cayenne pepper infusing into the hot milk.

We all loved the film (It's A Wonderful Life) which, believe it or not, none of us had ever seen before!!  I also managed to do a quick Christmas manicure ready for tomorrow - OPI 'Diva of Geneva' with a splash of H&M Urban Spirit on my ring fingers.

Today I will be wearing this outfit...

Christmas Day outfit

And just because I love them so much, here are some more of my tree decorations...

Recognise any Amy??  ;)

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Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...

That's such a lovely idea for the candle. Love all your Christmas photos. I'm pretty sure every family had at least one onesie this year!

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