Monday, 4 February 2013

A reunion at Chaophraya Thai

Someone from my past recently got back in touch via Facebook   One of my best friends at university, Mark, who it was no secret I had a bit of a crush on.  The last time I saw him was 9 years ago, he just sort of disappeared from my life.  So, he's reappeared 9 years later with a new life in Manchester with Matthew and they were both coming up to Scotland for a visit last weekend and stopped for a night on the way through Glasgow.

I was super excited to see him again and to meet his boyfriend!  We'd had a few Facebook chats and phone calls in the meantime to catch up on the major things in our lives, my marriage, his new life down south, work, etc.  He joked we were the Will & Grace of Dundee, lol!  I pointed out that Will actually told Grace he was gay but said I'd forgive him once he bought me a cocktail.  ;)

I booked us a table at Chaophraya (we've now been there 5 times since it opened and love the food every time!) and they stayed with us, you know I love hosting.  We all enjoyed some Prosecco and a cheeky Mojito (Nik's a star at mixing them!) and a trip down memory lane with my old photo albums before we went out!

Old fancy dress pictures in a frame

I was a little disappointed when we got to Chaophraya this time to be seated in the bar lounge.  No where near as impressive as the main restaurant and we had wanted to show our visitors the lovely big room but were told that was the only table available (despite me booking a week before and no mention of this at the time).  The food was still great though, and the Made In Thailand cocktail I love, although they took an excessively long time to arrive (after our starters were finished!)

Sharing platter (our favourite)

Matthew & Mark

Nik and I

Nik and I shared the grilled prawns and duck this time and although I wasn't a huge fan of the prawns, the duck tamarind was amazing!  This was followed by more cocktails in the bar (we were hoping to meet up with Roz who had randomly booked the same place for dinner with her friends the same night but we were cooried away in the corner so she missed us).

Posing in the rain!
I had such a fun weekend and we're already planning a weekend down in Manchester in the next couple of months!  (Matthew tweeted me this picture when they'd gone home - clearly we HAVE to go there!!)

I wore my old M&S Autograph coral & brown dress (which admittedly was a little tight - I need to start swimming again!) with a big gold cuff, citrine ring, coral earrings and gold watch.  And my leopard print nails of course!

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Unknown said...

It looks like you had lots of fun! And like you need to go to the green dragonfly place for sure!

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