Friday, 22 February 2013

Pin It Do It - Outfit - Red Maxi

I'm actually doing SO many of these Pinterest inspired things at the moment it's all I have to blog about!!  I've had a super busy week (a rather tired one after Monday's shenanigans and a busy week at work!) so haven't had time to do another Splurge Vs Save yet again, next week I promise!  (This is why I shouldn't try to do a specific post on a specific day, although I like the idea of it, I'm so bad at blogging to a schedule, I tend to write about what I'm loving at the time!  Ah well.)

This Thursday I went to meet Lynsey (who I met for the first time at Craft Club) for a coffee and we had a good old time chatting away about work (more of a rant really) and books!  I had so much fun I even forgot to tweet about my scrummy caramel shortbread and latte!  I tried out another outfit idea from Pinterest...

Source: via Bex on Pinterest

Obviously I had to winter proof it so I added a jumper under the denim jacket (I didn't have a short cardigan - since been remedied £9.99 from H&M after coffee!) and wore tights and boots instead of sandals, it's pretty chilly here at the moment!  As I don't have a brown or white jumper, I changed the tan belt and white vest for black but wore my awesome brown beaded necklace (Although I think that's a beaded bracelet above) I picked up at a craft fair from the lady next to me when I used to sell my photos, she gave me an amazing discount and I love it!  It must have taken her ages as all the beads are wired together on the back.  As it's such a statement piece, I didn't wear any other jewellery for once!  I did add my huge red scarf to keep me extra cosy though.

Skirt - Zara, Vest - H&M, Jumper - Miss Sixty, Necklace - Craft Fair, Denim Jacket - H&M, Scarf - H&M, Belt - Wallis, Boots - Next.

Lynsey also brought along the muffin tray she bought for me after telling me about it at craft club!  Perfect for making dragonfly shaped bath bombs (tutorial coming soon!) and only £6 from TK Maxx!  :)

Olive Dragonfly Pin It Do It
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Lynsey said...

Really enjoyed myself too, hope the muffin tray works! x

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