Monday, 11 February 2013

Roz - Jog Club Film Night

One of my favourite forms of exercise is running.  For years I hated even the thought of running, despite playing every sport going when I was growing up, I never got used to running as a form of training.  About a year before I got married I went running for the first time with my friends Laura and Lynne.  The first run was hard and we only did about 3km - it didn't help that it was an unseasonably warm May evening, at over 25 degrees for Glasgow it was tough going!  But I felt great afterwards and we soon fell into the habit of meeting up twice a week to run either 5km or 6km and 'jog club' was born!

We have 3 or 4 different routes that we run and I use MapMyRun to track exactly how far we go, it's free to use and is a great tool to either plan runs in advance or check out how far you've gone if you take a wee detour when you are out and about.  Anyone reading this who is frustrated with your own running ability, I urge you to get off that treadmill and run outside.  I actually find it so much easier and the changing scenery / people watching helps make the runs seem quicker.

Our motivation would be tested in the winter, if the pavements were icy we would give it a miss, but usually one of us would be able to convince the others to head out even if it was cold or raining.  By sticking at it I saw not only my fitness improve but I loved my new toned legs :)

Slowly our running group grew in size, with one of new recruits being Lauren who started running with us after we all met at a Bootcamp through Living Social deals.  It was great to have a bigger group of friends joining in as it meant there was always someone to run with.  As much as I love running, for me I really seem to need someone to run with.  Not just for the chat on the way round but also to stop me from giving up when it gets challenging.  Anyone reading this who runs regularly on your own please tell me your secret??

We nearly always meet up on a Monday night (we could be out pounding the pavements as you read this post!), it feels great to start the working week off with some exercise, and then meet on Wednesday or Thursdays depending on work / social committments.  There have even been a few weekend runs, which means I don't have to waste weekend time in the gym!

After about a year of running regularly someone came up with the idea of watching a movie after the run, usually something girlie that our other halves wouldn't be very interested in (think Bridesmaids, Magic Mike or anything with Ryan Gosling in it!!) and 'jog club film night' had it's first gathering.

If you haven't yet watched Crazy, Stupid, Love here is what you are missing out on;

We don't do jog club film night every week but it's definitely fun to have one planned and look forward to on a week night.  One of us takes a turn to host and cook a yummy dinner, usually reasonably healthy after our running efforts like pasta or oven baked spuds with salad, and after a quick shower we would all cosy up under the movie blanket (everyone has one of those kept next to their couch right?) and gossip / drool / giggle our way through the film.  Such fun evenings.

In fact at the moment I am trying to convince Bex and Sarah to join us for the next one - come on girls what are you waiting for? 

So do any of you do anything similar to help motivate you to stick with exercise?  If so please share in the comments below.

Roz xx


Lara said...

I think I see where I'm going wrong with running. I clearly need motivational company and topless Ryan Gosling to encourage me out into the brisk Scottish air.....

amy said...

I'm a crap runner but if I had a buddy I think I'd be better. They'd have to be prepared to wait for me and walk a lot though.

Unknown said...

I like the idea of this. I've convinced M to do yoga with me which helps but have found myself craving the idea of running lately so maybe?

Amanda M said...

I absolutely hate running. I tried it for a year, following the Zest from sofa to 5k programme, and hoped to get bitten by the bug. But I hated it AND it didn't make me lose weight so I gave up.

Forgive me for asking - but aren't you all sweaty for your video? I'd be smelly too! Or at least, paranoid that I was.

Unknown said...

Were you running by yourself Amanda? I know I'd have given up without my friends!

Oh yes I am a sweaty mess after a run! I have a quick shower before the movie :)

Unknown said...

It certainly works for me!!

laurenmaria said...

Jog club in full swing tonight! Roll on Wednesday, we're doing the long run. Anyone want to join us?


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