Saturday, 23 February 2013

New Facebook Page (& a DIY craft haul!)

We have a shiny new Facebook page where I have made a few albums of my favourite outfits, nail art, tried and tested recipes and projects including #ODCC crafts and #PinItDoIt ideas.  I've also added one for pictures from readers who've been inspired to try out a project they've seen on the blog or those who've sent in a Pin It Do It project themselves.  I love being able to have albums for all my favourite blog posts and to be able to share even more photos!

All blog posts will be updated there too so if you don't already follow us via google reader, RSS or Bloglovin' then you can follow along via Facebook!  (Obviously you can follow us on Facebook as well as the above options if you want, we'll be adding more content there too with the added reader photos.)

This weekend I'm mainly crafting, catching up on blog posts for next week, heading to a party with friends at Sarah's house and catching up with Vikki and the super cute Emily on Sunday!  Last night I went to get a few more paint swatches and may have got a little carried away.  Nik had the FAB idea of getting a few wallpaper samples too, all for adding a bit of pattern and texture to the garlands I'm making!  There were some lovely designs and I chose quite a few (all of which I would actually consider for a future feature wall as well!) and restrained myself to just the amount I would take to decide whether to buy it for my wall - i.e. one full pattern repeat.  I may have gone slightly overboard with the paint swatches too but I have so many ideas for what to make with them.  I went to two different stores so I wasn't taking too many from each as I did feel a little guilty taking so many.  If any of you see any paint colours or wallpaper you love, email me and I'll pass on the details!  :)

I can't wait to make a rainbow garland!

Taken standing on the sofa!
(They're all scraps not full rolls like they appear when rolled up!)

I first had the idea to make garlands when I saw this in Good Homes Christmas magazine...

I then did a search on Pinterest to find some images I could pin to our #ODCC board and just this morning I saw this amazing gold version pinned by Naomi.

Source: via Bex on Pinterest

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