Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A flying visit to London!

Since I've finally run out of recent things to blog about (and have hundreds saved up from last year which I didn't have time to write about then) I'm going back to November today!  I had one crazy busy weekend in November with the in-laws.  They had arranged to come to Glasgow for the cycling at the velodrome and were coming up on the Friday, we wanted to take them out to Chaophraya (told you we'd been loads!) the guys were going to the cycling on the Saturday (R and I had plans to go for a spa and afternoon tea) and home after lunch on the Sunday.  

After booking their train tickets, we then found out about an event my sister-in-law was organising down in London to raise funds for the Royal Marsden Hospital, a cause close to her heart.  R really wanted to go as she'd been unable to attend any previous benefits so asked if I would join her.  As they'd already booked the train, the plan was for her to arrive here as planned on Friday night, then she and I would fly down at lunchtime on Saturday (using our airmiles as it was short notice) attend the function, then fly back up Sunday morning in time for lunch before she went back down to Durham on the train again with V.  The boys had tickets to the cycling with family friends coming up as well so they kept to their original plan.  Luckily we hadn't booked our spa day yet so we were free to go on our  under 24 hour adventure to London!

I was very excited about the green tomato sign with our name on (the driver asked me to hold it while he paid for parking - I'm not quite so sad that I asked to pose with it!), I love it when you're met at the airport with your name on a sign, just like in the movies!  ;)

We checked into our very cool hotel room - all turquoise and grey at the Chiswick Moran Hotel.  Complete with triangular toilet!

And after meeting up with my aunt and uncle in-law, went for dinner to Cote.  This is the first time I've been to this chain and I was very impressed, we all had the deal which was 1/2 a roast chicken with potatoes (I can't remember how much it was but it was a bargain!)

We had a great time at the event which was held at Kew gardens in a lovely building with gorgeous botanical images all around the room.  There was a silent auction for a few holiday homes and an awesome raffle which sadly I didn't win.  Luckily MIL won a few prizes (she did have twice as many tickets as me!) and very kindly shared some of her winnings, including items from her Penhaligon's hamper and a Liberty goodie bag filled with Nars, OPI and Laura Mercier products!  (And this amazing red lip stain from Hourglass.)  The whole evening raised thousands for the charity!

Samir gave me the heart ribbon off his prize - had to be worn obviously!
(Nothing to do with the champagne of course!)
After the event, we went back to our hotel for a quick drink in the bar before heading to bed.  I can't remember what the cocktail was now but it was delish!

Auntie S and me
After breakfast we made our way back up to Glasgow, had a lovely lunch with the boys (who had a fab time at the cycling) and said goodbye.  I then headed out to meet Roz and her friends for our pre-booked trip to the cinema!  Phew!  Busy weekend or what!?  

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Unknown said...

This looks like it was a great flying visit - how lovely to make time for things like this.

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