Thursday, 7 February 2013


Do you like our shiny new blog contact buttons!?!? ------------------------------------------------------------->
(Mum you'll have to actually click through to the blog!)

It was pointed out to me recently that although I often share our contact emails in blog posts, there isn't an obvious 'contact me' button anywhere on the blog!

Incidentally I had already seen some buttons I liked on Pinterest via Kirsty but hadn't quite worked out how to add them yet!

Source: via Bex on Pinterest

This week I attempted my first html from scratch to add them but it didn't quite work, the link worked but the image wouldn't show.  Cue me asking hubby for help - he admitted he was clueless with html but he managed to figure out I needed to change the settings where I had the picture saved to be able to embed it.  And tah-dah!

I then added some for Roz (the purple was a bit wishy washy so we agreed on the magenta instead!) and we are good to go!  I think they look great and so tidy although I wish they were smaller!  Now you can easily find out what we're up to on Twitter, Instagram (still trying to convince Roz to start using that one!) and Pinterest, follow us on Bloglovin' or visit my Etsy shop (currently empty - I need to work on that one myself!)  They were a bit big at first but I finally managed to make them a bit smaller and tidier, before discovering an actually very useful tutorial on the same website explaining how to use the buttons!  Ah well, it's all a learning curve :) and despite spending an entire evening tidying up the side-bar and adding some widgets for Roz, I'm pretty happy with things in blog-land right now!  :)

P.S. If you didn't already know, I'm hosting a 'crafternoon' this Sunday with cocktails and crafts, although this will now be craft singular as our crochet experts are both unable to make it due to family emergencies.  So basically it will be me teaching everyone friendship bracelets while we all sit around, chat and drink.  Sounds like a fun afternoon to me!   If anyone else wants to join in - use one of my fancy new buttons there to send me a message!  :D


Unknown said...

I love our new buttons :) And thank you for my blogging lesson! Xxx

Amanda M said...

I would LOVE to come - I am useless at craft but am great at drinking cocktails. Sadly I live in London and that's one hell of a trip. Perhaps you could set up a franchise?!

Unknown said...

These are veyr cute buttons - I might need to see if I can get some for mine!

Glasgow Mummy said...

Need assistance please - how do I create a button for sending me an email?? I've got the other ones working ok thanks to your helpful post. Ta ;-)

Bex said...

You just need to make the link "mailto:.....insert email......"

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