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I previously mentioned I had booked a flower arranging lesson and that's where I went after work last night with my friend Sarah.  It was a lovely way to start November to perk up that glum feeling with the dark nights starting, it was nice to have some fun with colourful fresh flowers.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so I have booked a further two classes!!  One on the 15th Dec, also at the discounted itison price and a Christmas special one on the 20th Dec.

Enid Reid Flowers
We were given a glass of fizz when we arrived (or tea/coffee - it was a bit chilly at the start) and Enid was very welcoming and told some hilarious stories while she demonstrated some ideas for how to make your standard 'garage bunch' into something more spectacular with a little creativity.  I can't wait to hit Country Baskets and get some supplies to have a go at this lovely bunch hubby bought me on Sunday which were unceremoniously plonked in a vase as usual.

Enid demonstrated a few examples...

Gerbera with Aspidistra leaves

Amaryllis with Aspidistra leaves

Barbie Roses and Anthuriums with Lily Grass
Enid trimming the lining (photo by Sarah, you can see the difference with her camera!)
Enid's top tip - line everything (and be creative with what you use as containers).

Finished product - Amaryllis, Aspidistra leaves and white Roses
Photo by Sarah on her far superior phone camera

We then moved onto our own creations.  We were each given a cream bucket and her lovely assistant handed us out the different flowers, wires and other bits as we needed them.  She gave us a good tip regarding using Oasis - simply put it in a bucket/sink/basin of water deeper than the size of the Oasis and leave it to sink.  It is seriously tempting to push it down and dunk it, but this will leave a dry bit in the middle and any flowers stuck into that area wouldn't survive so just be patient and wait for it to slowly sink.  I was surprised at just how heavy it became when impregnated fully with water.

Photo by Sarah, me being patient and cheesy!

Impregnating my Oasis

We then cut our Oasis to fit in the bucket and cut the corners off so it's easier to cover and hide.  We were all provided with scissors, a knife, wires to support certain flowers and to wrap onto the sequin petals, colourful wires to create curls and to add some sparkle to the leaves and a turntable to make arranging the flowers easier and to see it from all angles while creating.  (Oh and you can see the yummy meringues in the background with the nibbles as well!  Enid made them and they were deliciously chewy and crumbly, perfect!)

We started with white Amaryllis, then some Agapanthus leaves which we were shown how to fold and wire into shapes.  We added white Lilies, Ivy leaves, Lily Grass, some glittery petals ripped of a big garish sequin flower (fab idea and reusable in different arrangements) and I did secretly love the big sequin flowers, shhhh they were green OK!  ;)  Also one of my favourites - Midori (green) Anthuriums and some bendy colourful Midelino Sticks (we were given pinky lilac ones so I will be taking these out as I prefer it without, might buy some bright green and magenta pink ones though!)

Me and my half done creation :)

We added some white Roses, Kermit Chrysanthemums, Moss, more Ivy leaves, Rose leaves, a wee crystal pin, some more moss, some colourful curly wires and voila...

With flash to show the sparkle!

Back view - Oasis covered with Moss 
Close up of curly wires and details (I'm still not sure about the crystal though)

Close up of sequin petals - a nice bit of sparkle

I am really pleased with the result!  It will obviously change a bit when the Amaryllis and Lilies open so I will post an update in a few days time :)  It's something totally different to the usual flowers in a vase and will apparently last 2-3 weeks if I top up the water in the Oasis!!

I'm lucky it just happened to be a green and white theme that night as everyone is given the same things to work with, who knows what colour it will be next time but I have specifically chosen the silver and white themed Christmas one (they're also doing a red night and a gold night).  I'm off to Country Baskets right now in fact to get some wires and decorative bits to use - already bought a few more flowers to practice with so look out for more posts showing off my creations soon and if you liked this, then look out for Sarah's post which I'm sure will be coming soon - she'll probably remember more of the tips than me too!  :)

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Bella said...

Love this, it's awesome! I'm doing my own flowers so if you keep this up i'll be roping you in!

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