Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas Curiosity Project

I am SO excited after receiving (and finally discovering - silly email filters!) my recipient's details today!  I have signed up to be a part of the Christmas Curiosity Project which basically means I get to have fun putting together a wee box full of surprise goodies for a complete stranger to enjoy receiving and I will receive one in return from another random stranger!  I mean how much fun does that sound!?  I LOVE parcels and to receive one that I know is filled with someone's idea of little goodies and bits n bobs is just too exciting!

Found via Google images but cannot credit as the original page is gone
(love it tho!)

Now I have the details of my person I am EVEN more excited because they too like green!  (I'm not sure if the clever people at The Curiosity Project match people up on purpose using the snippet of info given but I can't quite imagine how they did that for over 500 entries!?  There are a lot of curious people out there!)  I am going to have so much fun thinking of little things to put together, some trinkets and treats, maybe a few of my own photos.  I hope they like it, I can't wait to see it on the blog.  Each box is blogged for all to see when it is received and the photos they take and their impressions of the contents are sent in to the Project.

Love Green

The Christmas project is now closed but there will be another in the new year - I missed the first one but am so excited to join in the Festive version!  :D

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Unknown said...

This is the most AWESOME IDEA EVER. I love it! I'm gutted that I missed this but maybe I'll have to get on the next one that's done. Have fun putting your box together :) x

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