Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas Sprinklings

I LOVE Christmas!  I know it's a bit early for Christmas chat but it's all over town and TV already and I made my cake already so it's on my mind, plus it helps to plan early if like me you are full to bursting with ideas.  It's my first ever time hosting Christmas and it's the perfect thing to fill my little wedding planning void.  I find myself again planning food, decorations, entertainment AND joy of joys - DIY things to make!!  Yipee!

I was babysitting for my friend Sarah on Tuesday night and she left me a pile of her Christmas magazines to entertain me while she was out and the kids were sleeping (she knows me so well that girl!)  I was getting so many ideas and having so much fun, I actually got out my pad and pen and made notes and doodles so I wouldn't forget my plans!  I am SUCH a geek!  But who cares, I am loving it  :)

So far I had already been getting a few ideas via Pinterest and I have now ordered these amazing cotton ball lights from Not On The High Street in anais green, pale grey and pure white.  I'm not saying what I'm doing with them yet as the in-laws read my blog and I want to surprise them!  Hi Parents-in-Law!  *waving*  So you'll just have to come back after Christmas to see the pictures of the flat all done up ;)

Today I found these amazingly cute little ceramic tealight holders in Dwell which come in all shapes and sizes and would look so lovely like a wee village on a shelf all lit up!  Haven't bought them yet as hubby is not a fan of clutter and I have to try and keep the Christmas Sprinklings to a minimum (very hard to do when you love such things and are a shopaholic such as moi!) so I will have to try and convince him first!  I already won with the lights so will see how this one goes ;)

Now for DIY projects I had the great idea of making my own Christmas Crackers!  How fab is that - no naff jokes or cheap plastic crap - lets face it, even the luxury ones are generally rubbish!  Although I will still insist on the hats - you need some silliness at the Christmas table!  I have been looking at kits but most of them have everything - including the cards to roll up and make the cracker and I want to design mine myself with my own wrapping paper so have set Nik on a mission to collect toilet roll tubes.

I found this fab website which sells the snaps and hats separately so I can still incorporate them and I will do a blog post on what else I use and how I do it, once I have actually done it!  (This is my back up option!)

I have also purchased this stamp for making embossed gift tags which I will put on all my gifts - some of which will include edible gifts which I will also be blogging about when I make them!  Last year I made 5 kinds of fudge and kola kube and soor ploom vodkas.  This year I think I'll make Mars Bar Liqueur and Christmas Pudding Vodka and some kind of sweet treat!  I have a few recipes to decide between!  ;)

[Edit: Just realised this is my 150th post :) ]

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Glasgow Mummy said...

Love the ball lights... I have them too as you know! Really liking the little tealight houses too... although a certain toddler of mine would like them for his Duplo people!!

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