Saturday, 5 November 2011


I had big plans to write all about my Christmas plans and the cake I made last night but had a last minute plea to help out Sarah and have just got back!  She was helping out her friend Louisa at Hopetoun House whose official photographer for the event cancelled and she couldn't get a replacement at short notice and Sarah asked me to come along and help her out.  I literally found out this morning but compared to painting the study (helping out a couple of friends, getting outdoors using the camera again and seeing some fireworks) it was an easy choice to cancel my DIY plans!

It was only when we were on our way and Sarah told me the agenda that I started getting nervous!  I have never done a 'proper' photography job before!  We even got press passes!  Eeek, pressure!  We were asked to try and get photos of people arriving, the security staff, the ticket check station, the Real Radio DJ, the house, the fire dancers, the samba band and of course the fireworks themselves.

I usually just head into the country or wander around on holiday (or float around the sea!) when taking my photos whereas now I had to deliver and on specific things!  We were told that they weren't expecting much, just a couple of good photos but they are actually paying us so I wanted to impress!  Luckily I have had a go at fireworks before but not for quite a few years!  I was glad Sarah was there for the people shots and I could focus (pardon the pun!) on the long exposure stuff which I am more used to (and better at).  We both have very different lenses too so we had all aspects covered - I used my ultra wide angle to fit the fireworks and the house in while she was able to focus more on the people.

I will post some of the photos later but here's an unedited one for now until I can go through them all - they're still downloading!  The fireworks were further over to the right than we were expecting so the photos are a bit one sided so I could fit the house in - the fireworks were so impressive, I had trouble fitting them all in even with my super-wide lens!  We had a mad dash when they started as we judged it wrong and were not as far back as we needed to be.

I love how this one looks like snowflakes and has trickles floating down :)
It was freezing (despite wrapping up warm, you still need your fingers free to take photos) but we had fun AND managed to partake of the yummy hog roast and fresh donuts, purely for warming purposes of course!  ;)

I will post some more photos tomorrow after I have sorted through them and sent them to Louisa!  :)


Glasgow Mummy said...

So chuffed you were free to come with me. Fab firework photo. Looking forward to seeing the rest :-)

Anonymous said...

Great photo Becky.. Hopetoun house just 5 mins along the road from me, looking forward to seeing the rest of Ur pics, Lynne D xx

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