Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Floral Update on a Busy Day

The Amaryllis has opened :)

I had my little spree in Country Baskets and after my wonderful nurse, Liz, dug me up a pile of Moss from her garden, I have made her this to say thanks...

Not quite as good as my first attempt but not bad without any guidance :)

I found these cute little blackboard sticks for messages :) 
Also got some of the pearly pins and red wire

Cut these red leaves off what was a big Poinsettia

Made some red curls this time
Think I need a wee bit more practice and a few more bulky flowers next time!

Today has been a very busy but fulfilling day :-

I built the desk
Did the washing
Bought ingredients for the Christmas cake (well I found a recipe, sent Nik the list and he picked them up for me, yay!  Didn't have time to make it though or the 2 ingredients he couldn't get so will be searching for them tomorrow!)
Organised the desk/paper/stationery/printers
Only had time to read one blog (Florence Finds is now my daily must!  Now have 18 other posts to catch up on, eek!)
Met a blog/twitter friend for the first time (got a bit tipsy on one glass of wine after having a too early lunch and no dinner - probably embarrassing myself in my excitable talking too fast way but it was fun!)
Stocked up on florist supplies for my new hobby
Sat in traffic due to badly timed hobby shopping
Practised my flower arranging skills
Took the new laptop back to the shop as the screen's been going a bit funny
Finally took back the refund that's been sitting in the hall for 28 days!
Sneakily read my book for a little bit in bed before I got up (and looking forward to reading some more after I post this and go to bed)

Phew!  Feeling pretty satisfied after all that!  Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow - think what I could get done!  ;)
Next big task - paint the study!!

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