Monday, 28 November 2011

Honeymoon Pt 11 - Zanzibar, Stone Town

So we stayed in the lovely Serena Inn hotel.  When we returned from our walking tour of the town we were taken to our room which blew us away!  We had an ENORMOUS balcony, bigger than the room itself!  They must have given us a superior room (we didn't request this at any hotels but think our tour company must have told them we were on honeymoon) as we were right at the top of the hotel with a sunset sea view and a massive balcony with it's own hammock!  AND we again received a lovely gift of a fruit basket and bottle of fizz.

Hammock and sea view

HUGE balcony

Another romantic 4-poster bed :)

Fizz & Fruit gift 
My Lovely hubster  :)
We enjoyed our lovely fruit and headed down to the cafe for a bite before heading out again to explore more of the town on our own.


Cute cafe area by the pool

Gorgeous hubby again  :)

I managed to squeeze in a little bit of shopping after our tour in the more touristy area and down some of the back street markets.  I bought a silver Africa charm and Nik bought me a very cute malachite elephant I fell in love with (I'm really not into these kind of ornaments usually but I love malachite and it was such a nicely patterned piece made into a very cute elephant which I was getting very excited to see on safari!!)  We also got a gorgeous watercolour painting of one of the carved doors from an artist we found on our way back to our hotel balcony for sunset.

Africa Charm

Malachite Elephant
Watercolour Painting
Sunset wasn't particularly amazing but I took a couple of photos from the balcony (we'd missed most of it anyway by the time we found our way back) and we got ready for dinner.  (i.e. sprayed ourselves with insect repellent!)

We had been told on our tour about a big open area down at the sea front which is filled up at night by dozens of street food stalls selling all kinds of zanzibar specialities which is where most of the locals go to eat! We decided we'd rather do this than have another hotel meal so headed off to see what was there.  

We had also been told by our guide of the favourite speciality of 'Zanzibar Pizza' which consists of a doughy base (like pizza) but filled with Nutella, banana and MAYONNAISE!?!!?  Apparently it's lovely but we both chickened out and just got a savoury version which was still quite exciting as it wasn't at all what we expected when ordering a cheese and tomato pizza (OK we were REALLY unadventurous) he started mixing up eggs and chopped tomatoes and soft cheese and then put a doughy lid on also.  It was more like an encased omelette and was delicious, if a bit tricky to eat while standing up!

Our 'safe' option omelette style pizza

We also shared a chicken gyro wrap which was very tasty and the chef was so friendly and chatty and loved my Africa charm as it proved I loved Africa apparently :)

The best thing though was the cane sugar juice which they squeeze fresh like I had seen in the Borneo market.  In Zanzibar they served it with lime and ginger pressed through as well and it was amazing!

The next day, we had one of the best breakfasts yet (we were even offered fizz!) and the windows open right onto the beach, I believe the sea can reach right up when the tide is in!  We watched the early risers working out while we enjoyed our food before heading off for our flight back to the mainland which turned out to be just for us!  It was literally us and the pilot on a 12 seater plane, very exciting!  More on this next time with the start of our safari!

Enjoying my coconut water with breakfast :)

Breakfast view


jacob neruda said...

well done man its really very nice to see your pics..
good collection of pics....


Glasgow Mummy said...

Loving the sea view, looks heavenly :-)

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