Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Celeb spotting

Nik and I like spotting famous folk.  We used to see them all the time during the festival in Edinburgh when we lived there.  I don't consider myself a 'fan' of anyone, I would never join a huge crowd of people in central station, for example, just to try and catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt arriving in Glasgow - although I do appreciate his finer points.  I never usually approach famous people as I'm always worried about annoying them and, well, they're just people who work in films or telly or suchlike, I don't want to appear like a crazy fan/stalker type!  I did smile at David Walliams when we saw him in Kenya airport when flying home from honeymoon and he just kind of glared back so I am also worried about them being grumpy if I went over to say Hi and it would ruin my night rather than make it, just because they weren't nice.

So, although I don't think of myself as the type of person who would approach a celeb just to say are you so & so from that film, that was exactly what I kept thinking about doing while we were sat having cocktails in a hotel bar on Goodge Street.  By the time I had finished my two delicious cocktails, I was feeling braver and when the bill was paid it was now or never so I did!  And who was this famous person?  Chris O'Dowd, the cute cop from Bridesmaids!

Cute, no?

He was sat with a friend but they weren't eating so I decided although it was probably rude to interrupt them, it wasn't horrifically rude!  And maybe some famous people (other than the obvious Z-list reality types) actually like to be approached by friendly (drunk) people?  I muttered something along the lines of...

"Excuse me, sorry to interrupt you but I was wondering if you are the guy from Bridesmaids?"
At this point he said yes and smiled so I was thrilled (and relieved)  :)
I said I know it's really rude to interrupt you, I just really wanted to say hi, my husband wasn't convinced it was you.  I didn't know whether to come over or not because I once smiled at David Walliams and he just glared at me.
He laughed and said something like ah he's an idiot.  You're really sweet. I said I really liked him in the film and I thought he was very funny on Graham Norton and he asked if I wanted a picture.
His very nice friend (was also worried about annoying him but he was also smiling) said he would take it for me on my phone (he took two as the first one didn't work).
I said thanks and he said have a great night, I said you too, thanks for being nice!  And went buzzing back to our table where Nik was with his head in his hands, lol.

I'm sure I sounded like a complete berk and have officially become said 'crazy fan type'!  Oh dear.  But you know what, it did make my night because he was just lovely and I would have spent the whole night wishing I had just gone over and said Hi but instead I was bright red (I have blushing issues), shaking and hyper and so pleased I had done it :)

He seemed genuinely happy to say hello and have a picture - he actually looks even more excited than me in the first pic (which although it's not great, it's my favourite)...

Chris O'Dowd & me!

Chris O'Dowd & me in focus ;)

See, just lovely!  My new, not so secret, crush!  :D


Unknown said...

Oh I love him in the IT Crowd (have you seen it? He's hilarious in it)! How cool that he was so nice as well! Yay for nice celebs!


Bex said...

No, I haven't seen it but want to after Anna mentioned it as well!

Indeed yay for nice celebs :)

Ali said...

Good spot ;-) I loved that film but am not sure I would have recognised him with all that facial hair!!

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