Thursday, 3 November 2011

Christmas Wishes

This is a purely indulgent ultimate luxe wish list of desires and I have no expectations of receiving these for Christmas. Although I am also turning 30 soon, surely that deserves at least one luxurious, delightful, lavish, cheer me up when I'm feeling old present.  It doesn't even have to be expensive, although I think all of the following examples are, oops, sorry hubby ;)  I'll try and think of some more realistic ones, but it's fun to dream...

LOVE these Long Tall Sally butterfly print Pyjamas (might actually buy these myself so I can wear them on Christmas Morning!)...

Long Tall Sally Pyjamas 
Always wanted one of these!!...

Kitchen Aid

I have totally fallen in love with Shearling coats!  They look so cosy and comfy and I just want to wrap myself up in one at the thought of snow and wind.  The examples I have found (and love) are rather ridiculously expensive for a coat but I am trying (and failing) to convince myself it would be a lifetime investment piece!

by Ella at John Lewis

by Celtic Sheepskin

I spotted a pair of beautiful green sapphires online recently which would make a beautiful pair of earrings and are my perfect shade of olive green...

Green Sapphire

I SERIOUSLY want a Selk Bag or Musuc Bag as they are now called.  I really want the green one but they no longer make them (I managed to find one on IWOOT but they kept cancelling my order as they are not in stock even when they say they are, grrr) - only yellow, blue, pink or black are available from other places so not sure which I would pick, maybe the bright yellow??  Think of the savings on heating in the winter and you can unzip your hands to hold a cuppa and get up and walk around safely (unlike the famous slanket which I imagine you would trip over) and snuggly AND they have zip pockets to keep the remote/phone/snacks handy (are you getting an idea of my kinda lazy winter evening in??)!  Plus if I ever do go camping again, it's much less likely to let creepy crawlies in beside me than a traditional sleeping bag and I could run away from murderers much quicker than if I had to get detangled from a sleeping bag first (and still be warm while running through the forest)!!  OK, maybe I've watched too many Criminal Minds episodes.  

And I absolutely wouldn't care how ridiculous people thought I looked if I answered the door wearing it,
I'd be the cosiest marshmallow-person they knew!

So that is my list of desires so far.  I will let you know if I come up with any more (hubby). x

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