Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Honeymoon Pt 9 - Zanzibar, Ras Nungwi Part 6

Sorry for the delay in writing this post - it's been a super busy weekend of painting, sorting and de-cluttering!  I have so much I want to write about on the blog and so much to catch up on!  (I've also been addicted to reading my book - Before I go to sleep which I have now finished and can happily say it was excellent - I literally couldn't put it down after a certain point (about half way!) I recommend you read it as it is not only an exciting read but makes you think what our memories mean to us and what life would be like with no past.


So, for my last post on our time staying at Ras Nungwi in the north of Zanzibar I will be showing you some of the nearby village of Nungwi.  We went for a few walks here to see the lighthouse, the fish market, the people and the boat building yard.  I was hoping to get a  few more photos of the locals but here they were much less willing (or at least the mothers were) to let me take their photographs.  I was of course respectful of this and always asked them or their mothers if they were children.  Most of the men said yes, most of the women said no.

It was frustrating to see potentially great photo opportunities and not snap away as I pleased but I felt I couldn't do that in a country like this.  I am pleased with some of the photos I do have from our little jaunts...

Beautiful carved door

These girls had just been getting pushed around in the wheelbarrow waving their books around.

The girls all wore pretty dresses like these

Sometimes you shouldn't look up!

Boat worker & shadow

And as I have simply been so busy and don't have time at the moment to edit a few more, here are some un-edited versions (dust bunnies and all!) to show you a bit more of the area and village....

Beach & lighthouse

Nungwi Village (shot from the hip so a bit OOF anyway!)

Very cute baby goats - goat-lets to Bella and me, kids to everyone else probably!  ;)

Another one shot from the hip - the children were playing on the stinking pile of rubbish

The women really are skilled at carrying all manner of things on their heads!

Me sans make-up, those eyelashes were a god-send!  And my emergency airport hat since I left my glam one behind!
(Which was probably just as well considering the battering it took on safari!)

We saw a few dragonflies

And this sun-bathing lizard on the way back to the resort

Got back just before dark :)
Next time I plan to be on time with my post (I like having my little Honeymoon series on a Monday) but am off to London again for a few days so may be late again since I have no more Honeymoon stories prepared yet, ooops!  We have one night in Stone Town next before we get to the most exciting part - my first ever safari!!!

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