Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Food and outfit post - roast dinners and pink tights!

While Mum and Dad were staying, we all went out for a few meals at some of our favourite places to eat.  One of them was a Sunday Roast at Grill on the Corner with my brother, Nik and myself along with Roz and her husband.  It's so nice to get to introduce them to some of my new friends as they read all about it on the blog but never get to join in or know the people we spend time with as they live so far away.

After a lovely walk around House for an Art Lover seeing the first leaves starting to drop (and a pretty rubbish farmers' market) we all met up in town.

Our meal was amazing, although even though we were in at lunch time they had AGAIN run out of some of the options - no chicken or pork left so we all had to have beef - at least they had some roasts left this time!  The beef was delicious and so filling, we managed to feed the 7 of us with 3 of the sharing roasts and still had a little left over.

Afterwards, everyone came back to ours for coffee and cake since I had made both my lemon and blueberry drizzle and chocolate Guinness cakes that Friday :)

I wore my fab new magenta pink tights from United Colours of Benetton with my grey Planet dress (which seems to be making me look rather slim here, although you can see where I had to loosen my belt during dinner!  Ahem, forgot to tighten it again, oops!), Carolee earringsOffice boots and Desigual bag...

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